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HPT - Croatian Posts and Telecommunications
Directorate of Posts
Postal Traffic Department
Sector P-1
Jurisiceva 13
HR-10 001 ZAGREB
T�l�phone (+385 1) 45 54 466
Fax (+385 1) 42 34 95
T�lex (+599) 22500
From the UPU

and from Croatia Hpt:
Postal & Telecom Traffic Dept.
Jurii�eva 13
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Fax: 3851 - 423 495

Lazlo I of Hungary claimed the Croatian throne in 1091. The Turks defeated Hungary in 1526, placing Pannonian Croatia under Ottoman rule, the rest of Croatia elected Ferdinand of Austria as their king and fought Turkey. Croatia and Slovenia became a part of Hungary until the collapse of Austria-Hungary in 1918. The Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes with Montenegro and Serbia was created in 1918, changing its name to Yugoslavia in 1929. Croatia was proclaimed an independent state during occupation by Axis powers from 1941 to 1945. Croatia again declared its independence in 1991.

Postage stamps have been issued from 1941 to 1945 and again, since 1991.

Craotian Post Office and Telecommunications
Directorate of Posts, Postal & Telecommunications Traffic Department
Jurisiceva 13
41000 Zagreb, Croatia

and from Malte:

HPT - Croatian Posts & Telcommunications Directorate of Posts
Philatelic Department
Sector P-1
Jurisiceva 13, 10001 ZAGREB

CIA Data for Croatia
Southeastern Europe, bordering the Adriatic Sea, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia
Independence: 25 June 1991 (from Yugoslavia)

Croatia Stamp New Issues.
Serbian/Krajina and the Zagreb administrations.

Croatia - FIP DATA

Croatian Philatelic Federation
Habdeliceva 2, P.O. Box 259
HR-10001 Zagreb
Phone: 00385 1 431 426
Fax: 00385 1 429 002

Croatian Philatelic Society
P.O. Box 696,
Fritch, Texas 79036-0696
(806) 857-0129
email: [email protected]
sponsor of the Bosnia Study Group
[email protected] (see 'Bosnia')

Postage Stamps of the Republic of Croatia
The Republic of Croatia declared its independence from former
Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991. It became member of U.N. on 5 May
and member of UPU on 20 July 1992
The Republic of Croatia is a middle-European state with 4.8 million inhabitants, its capital being the city of Zagreb.

Republic of Croatia's first postage stamps: "Thus, ... was issued a month before the formal proclamation of the Republic's independence."

PostEurop membership data for Croatia
Croatian Post and
Jurisiceva 13
10001 Zagreb
Mr Bozidar Sever
Assistant of General Manager
Manager of Posts Directorate
Tel: +385.1.434434
Fax: +385.1.429000
Will correspond in French
email: [email protected] - Croatia
Croatian Hrvatska, officially Republic of Croatia, republic (1994 est. pop. 4,698,000), 21,824 sq mi (56,524 sq km), S Europe, in the NW corner of the Balkan Peninsula; formerly a constituent republic of Yugoslavia. ... ZAGREB is the capital and largest city ...

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data - Croatia

Croatian Philatelic Society - P.O. Box 696, Fritch, Texas 79036-0696

Heimer's, The Chronology of Postal Authorities Issuing Stamps in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

This is a chronological list of various stamp issuing administrations (states, territories, local issues, occupational provisionals etc.) on the territory of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina from the beginning of use of stamps in mid 19th cent. till nowdays. When I was considering to do it I was in doubt weather to do it for Croatia only or to include B&H, or to include all of the former Yugoslavia. My decision was, as you can see, to include B&H because there is to many common events, but it would be to much if I would include more.

(contents include:)
"There is a political map of the region"
"The list is divided in 5 historical periods:
before 1918
between the two World Wars
World War II
post WWII
after the breaking of Yugoslavia"

Heimer's The Chronology of Postal Authorities Issuing Stamps in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina (usual site)
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Croatia - Download Album Pages: - $5 a year for all the countries you can eat!
Free Album Pages? This site is sort of like "shareware" software

Croatia - catalog listing to 1996
1a Air Mail Zagreb/Dubrovnik, 1v:1.oo, perf.10 1/2 09.09.91

Postage Stamps of the Republic of Croatia - US mirror; catalog of issues
These two sites do not seem to offer any form of contact - they appear to be just catalogs.

Postage Stamps of the Republic of Croatia - 1991 on ; Croatia's main site
Links to all issues and:

The Republic of Croatia's first postage stamps
"Stamp Day" Issues
1999 Commemorative Stamp Issuing Program
Other interesting Web sites

Postal Authority

Croatia Hpt -postal authority ; Philatelic Marketing section- shows 1991 on..
Fabio says, "Excellent source of information for every collector of croatian stamps. Croatian and English

Each stamp issued since 1991 to date has its own picture, with technical details and description of the stamp !!!!
This work is being traslated to english."

>Croatian Post - Main Page; English
Links to postal and philatelic services.

Hrvatske telekomunikacije - Main Entrance ; has English link

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