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  • Information about China - Everything by Yiming Hu Imperial China issued stamps from 1878 to 1949 when it split into the People's Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan). Conflict between Nationalists and Communists led to the long march of 1934-1935 with the Communists moving to northwest China under Mao Tse Tung. The Nationalists were defeated by Mao and withdrew to Taiwan in 1949...  The British colony of Hong Kong, on 1 July 1997, and Macau, on 20 Dec. 1999, have returned to the People's Republic of China - Taiwan (old Formosa) continues to resist. Tibet is another story...

    CIA Data: Location: Eastern Asia, bordering the East China Sea, Korea Bay, Yellow Sea, and South China Sea, between North Korea and Vietnam - Independence: 221 BC (unification under the Qin or Ch'in Dynasty 221 BC; Qing or Ch'ing Dynasty replaced by the Republic on 12 February 1912; People's Republic established 1 October 1949), National holiday: National Day, 1 October (1949)

    Postal Contacts for the People's Republic of China
    State Post Bureau - Beijing

    Universal Postal Union
    International customer relations:

    Manchukuo State Postal Bureau
    M. YANG Jin
    Deputy Director
    Division of International Services
    8 jia, Bei Lishilu
    Xicheng District
    100808 BEIJING
  • Téléphone (+86 10) 6831 5508
  • Téléfax (+86 10) 6831 5560

  • Large Dragon

    (From the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications online display - Now '404' 1/2 )
    Government Sources

    China National Philatelic Corporation
    14 , Taipinghudongli , West District
    Beijing ,  China 100031

    China National Stamp Corporation
    Hepingmen, Beijing, China
    (from Linn's)

    or, as Malte Aronsson puts it:
    China National Stamp Corporation
    28 Dong An Men Street, Beijing (I note this address as the FIP & FIAP Member under the name 'All China Philatelic Federation)

    Shanghi Post & Telecommunications (PRC) - Chinese only.

    Postal Agents Listings
    Incl.: China Stamp Agency in North America ; buy at face value (Unicover Corp.)

    "China National Philatelic Corporation (CNPC), *Founded in 1955 under the direct leadership of the State Post Bureau, is a nation-wide philatelic corporation. With the authorization by the State Post Bureau, it is the unique company responsible for the production and sales of philatelic items. It also conducts the import and export business with the countries all over the world."
    (Their auction information is here)
    Tel: (8610) 63022717
    Fax: (8610) 63022525
    E-mail: office/[email protected]
    Address: No.2 Xuan Wu Men Dong Da Jie, Beijing 100051, China

    CPIN - An F.I.P. 3 Star Site 1999
    China Philatelic Info Net data) [PCSG Ref]

    A Brief History of China Post- click here

    Table of Contents

    Development and Prospect of China Post
    - An introductin by Liu Liqing, Postmaster General of State Post Bureau, China
    There is a long history of China Post, with over 3,000 years of national post, over 500 years of private post and more than 100 years of contemporary national post. As a key national communication organization and basic industrial department of the modern society, post plays an important role in assurance of the smooth transmission of military and government instructions, maintenance of the unity of the nation and nationalities, promotion of the prosperity of economy, culture and science, as well as the progress of the society. Since the foundation of the People's Republic of China, the government has attached importance to the Post. The Post department made full use of the advantages of "Unity of Post and Telecommunications" and "Unity of Post and Newspapers & Periodicals Service", restoring and developing national post network and post offices, promoting wide-range services through hard work and self-reliance, which has promoted the steady and healthy development of China Post. Despite the interruptions and setbacks during the development, China Post has ensured the message-delivery of all departments of our party, government and national economy as well as people's requirements by relying on the socialist system and the diligence and hard work of our post workers. ...

    Part I Ancient Post

    Chapter 1 Origin and Development of Post
    --Section 1 Origin of Communication
    --Section 2 Origin and Characteristics of Post

    Chapter 2 Post on the Qin ,Han and Wei-Jin Period
    --Section 1 Unification and Legislation of Post in the Qin Dynasty
    --Section 2 Development of Post in the Han Dynasty
    --Section 3 Characteristics of Post in the Wei-Jin Period

    Chapter 3 Post in the Flourishing Period of the Sui and Tang
    --Section 1 Organization and its Scale
    --Section 2 Perfect Post Decree
    --Section 3 Prosperity of Post in the Tang Dynasty

    Chapter 4 Reform and Development of Post in the Song and Yuan
    --Section 1 Organization and Management of Post in the Song Dynasty
    --Section 2 Post system in the Yuan Dynasty
    --Section 3 Organization and Management of Post in the Yuan Dynasty

    Chapter 5 Flourishing and Declining of Posts in the Ming and Qing
    --Section 1 Characteristics and Organization of Post in the Ming Dynasty
    --Section 2 Full Development of Post in the Qing Dynasty
    --Section 3 Decline of the Posts

    Chapter 6 Beacon Communication
    --Section 1 Establishment of Beacon Tower
    --Section 2 Border Beacon in Major Dynasties
    --Section 3 Beacons in Inland and Coastal Areas

    Chapter 7 Ancient and Modern Public Communication
    --Section 1 Public Communication before the Ming Dynasty
    --Section 2 Appearance of Special Public Communication

    Part II Modern Post

    Chapter 1 The origin of Modern Post
    --Section 1 Invasion of "Guest Post"
    --Section 2 Customs Post
    --Section 3 Changing into Post in Taiwan

    Chapter 2 Establishment of Official Post of the Qing Dynasty
    --Section 1 Historical Background and Establishing Process
    --Section 2 Organization Reform
    --Section 3 Extension and Development toward Inland
    --Section 4 Development Strategy
    --Section 5 Development by Competition

    Chapter 3 China Post in its Establishment and Development Period
    --Section 1 Development of Measures and Achievements
    --Section 2 Unification of Post all over the Country
    --Section 3 Movement of Regaining Post Authorities
    --Section 4 Unification of South and North Post

    Chapter 4 China Post in the Period of the War of Resistance against Japan
    --Section 1 Persistence and Retreat of Post in Northeast Areas
    --Section 2 Plundering of Inland Post by Japan
    --Section 3 Post Sustained in the Calamity
    --Section 4 Establishing Military Post Office

    Chapter 5 Late Period Activities and the End of China Post
    --Section 1 Taking Over Post in Occupied Areas
    --Section 2 Movement of Post Modification
    --Section 3 Negotiation on Communication between the Two Areas
    --Section 4 End of China Post

    Chapter 6 China's Accession to the Universal Postal Union
    --Section 1 Participation in the Activities of UPU in Early Days
    --Section 2 Formal Accession to the UPU
    --Section 3 Achievements of China at the 12th UPU Congress

    Chapter 7 Communication Post During the Revolution Period
    --Section 1 Post on the Soviet Revolution Basis
    --Section 2 Communication Post in the War of Resistance against Japan and the Liberation War

    Part III Contemporary Post

    Chapter 1 Establishment and initial Development of Post in P.R. China
    --Section 1 Establishment of Post in P.R. China
    --Section 2 Restoration and Development of Post Network
    --Section 3 Adjusting and Developing Post Service to Meet the People's Needs
    --Section 4 Strengthening the Management of Post Service, improving the Quality of Service

    Chapter 2 Post in the "Great Leap Forward" and Economic Readjustment Period
    --Section 1 Post in the "Great Leap Forward" Movement
    --Section 2 Readjustment of Post Communications
    --Section 3 Improvement of Post Services

    Chapter 3 Post in the Period of "the Cultural Revolution"
    --Section 1 Post Communications Got Overall Attacks
    --Section 2 Dissolution and Restoration of the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications
    --Section 3 Development of the Post Communications in Difficulties

    Chapter 4 Modification and Development of Post in Reform
    --Section 1 Modification and Reorganization of Post
    --Section 2 Improving and Developing Rural Post
    --Section 3 Post Made Progress in Overcoming Difficulties
    --Section 4 Carrying out Preferential Policy, Modifying Charges, Reforming System
    --Section 5 Post Network Construction
    --Section 6 Rapid Development of Post Business
    --Section 7 Post Law Construction and Employee Education
    --Section 8 Communication between the Two Sides of the Taiwan Straits

    Chapter 5 Open up a New Dimension of Post Modernization
    --Section 1 Challenges Post Faced
    --Section 2 A Full Program on Post Development Construction
    --Section 3 Actively Promote the Modernization of Post Network
    --Section 4 Facing the Market, Enforcing Operation, Actively Developing Business
    --Section 5 Modifying Post Services
    --Section 6 Modification of Operating System and Managing System of Post
    --Section 7 New Progress of the Communication between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits

    Chapter 6 The Relationship between China Post and the UPU
    --Section 1 Suspension and the Restoration of the Relationship between China Post and the UPU
    --Section 2 Implementing the UPU Congress Strategy, Participating in the UPU Activities
    --Section 3 Application for Hosting the 22nd UPU Congress
    --Section 4 Preparation for Hosting the 22nd UPU Congress
    ('brief' - about 1 page each. - aj)



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    The Star of China
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