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A J's Encyclopedia Of Stamps And Philatelic Links

Another fine dealer for quality postage stamps from China 1878-1949
Another fine dearler!

A Brief History of China Post

    Other Resources:

  • All-China Philatelic Federation (F.I.P. member for China)
    28 Dong An Men Street
    Phone: 0086 106 513 7831
    Fax: 0086 106 513 4195
  • China Stamp Society
    PO Box 20711, Columbus, OH 43220, USA
  • Sunji's China Stamp Pages - including:
      China Stamp Catalog On Line:
        - Pre 1950 China: Imperial, ROC, PRC, Treaty Ports, Manchukuo
      The China Stamp Study Room - Q&A
      How to ID fake China issues of 1865-1990
      Other China Stamp Links and more...

China Philatelic Association, Hong Kong
PO Box 1452, G.P.O., Hong Kong

Postal History Society of China

Tommy Chiu

  • Chinese Stamps (1992-1995), E-mail  

  • China Philatelic Society of London
    Monthly meetings are held in London: See website.  
    Tommy Chiu's
    '..dedicated to the stamps and cancellations of Imperial China
    The Imperial Post
    Tommy is a "member of The China Stamp Society, The Royal Philatelic Society of Canada and The China Philatelic Society of London."
    His "purpose of this web site is to promote China Philately and also try to increase interest in classical Chinese stamps collecting."
    • Chinese Customs Post
    • Porvisional Issue of 1897
    • The Imperial Chinese Post
    • Imperial Stationery & Forms
    • Offers & Trade List
    • Research Topics
    • Trades & Offers
    • Philatelic Literature & Reference

    An OnLine Publication from D & O Trading, The Netherlands
    Waterlow Centenary

    (research) by Jozef Wagemakers

    1998 saw "... the centenary of the issue of the so-called 'Waterlow Stamps'. A good reason to pay attention, by way of a series of articles, to this fine and exciting issue ...

    The article was largely inspired by 'The Waterlow Issue of 1898' by Beales and Aglen, which is based on a study of the archives of Waterlow & Sons Ltd.
    About a hundred years ago, the Chinese Imperial Post issued their second postage series. This series is known as the Waterlow Issue, after the printers Waterlow and Sons Ltd. ..
    • Introduction
    • Historical background
    • Numbers printed
    • Characteristics of the stamps
    • Summary of the characteristics
    • Colours
    • Papers
    • Die types, Plates, Retouches
    • Printings, Paper
    • Perforation
    • A survey of the perforation
    • Bibliography


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