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Saint Helena
Philatelic Bureau
(semi official #1) (semi official #2) (c.2014)
Post Office
Jamestown, St. Helena
South Atlantic
  • philatelic@helanta...
    via: Ascension Island Post Office
    Georgetown, Ascension Island,
    South Atlantic Ocean, ASCN 1ZZ
    "via Cape Town, South Africa"
  • Tel: +247 6260
  • Fax: +247 6152
  • E-mail: [email protected]
    Agent: Crown Agents
    See Also it's dependencies:
  • Ascension Island
  • Tristan De Cunha




      St. Helena Dealers Directory

  • Saint Helena, named after Saint Helena of Constantinople, is a tropical island of volcanic origin in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha . . .

    The Saint Helena Constitution took effect in 1989 and provided that the island would be governed by a Governor and Commander-in-Chief, and an elected Executive and Legislative Council . . . the British Overseas Territories Act 2002 granted full British citizenship to the islanders, and renamed the Dependent Territories (including Saint Helena) the British Overseas Territories. In 2009, Saint Helena and its two territories received equal status under a new constitution, and the British Overseas Territory was renamed Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

    The UK government has invested £250 million in the construction of the island's airport. Expected to be fully operational early 2016 . . .

    (From Wikipedia)


    Saint Kitts

    ('St. Kitts & Nevis' or 'St Christopher and Nevis')

    St. Kitts & Nevis Postal Services UPU, CPU

    C/O: General Post Office (c.2014)
    Bay Road
    St. Kitts

  • Tel: (869) 467 1072/1197/1071
  • Fax: (869) 465 0184
  • emsgposkn@sisterisles...
    Opening Hours: Mon. to Fri. 8am to 3pm

    G.P.O. Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Basseterre, St. Kitts
    West Indies
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
    Téléphone (+1 869) 465-2521
    Agent: (none known)
    See also: Nevis and former dependent Anguilla






    St. Kitts Dealers Directory
  • Official name:
    "Saint Christopher (Saint Kitts) and Nevis"
    (per UPU c.2014)

    Historically, the British dependency of Anguilla was also a part of this union, which was then known collectively as Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla. (cite)

    In 1967, the territory of Saint Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla was granted full internal autonomy. In 1971, the island of Anguilla rigorously sought and achieved separation; in 1980, the separation from the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis was formally accepted. The remaining state became the dominion of Saint Kitts and Nevis in 1983, while Anguilla remains a British Overseas Territory. (Wikipedia)

    Philately is the hobby of collecting stamps. From time to time. St. Kitts Post Office produces commemorative stamps . . .

    Subject to review from time to time, presently (c.2014 aj.) the Posts carries out the following issues: . . .

    Commemorative stamps four times a year. These stamps are valid for a period of 5 years. They can be bought at the Bureau throughout the first 24 months but are only available throughout the postal network for six months from date of issue.

    Definitive stamps are issued once in five years. These are normal postage stamps used during the whole period and are valid for up to 8 years.


    Saint Lucia

    Saint Lucia Postal Service UPU, CPU

    The Postmaster General (c.2014)
    General Post Office
    Bridge Street, Castries
    Saint Lucia
    West Indies

  • Tel: +1 (758) 452-2671
  • Fax: +1 (758) 453-7396
  • info@stluciapostal...
    St. Lucia Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Cadet Street
    Castries, St. Lucia

    (via Linn's:)
    St. Lucia Philatelic Bureau
    Postmaster General
    General Post Office
    Bridge Street
    Castries, Saint Lucia, West Indies
  • Tel 1-758-452-2671
  • Fax 1-758-453-7702/451-6422
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+1758 45) 23774, (+1758 45) 22611 int: 7242
  • Téléfax (+1758 45) 37702
    Agent: Crown Agents, IGPC, D & G




    St. Lucia Dealers Directory
  • "Our Philatelic Bureau, based at General Post Office, Bridge Street, Castries, is a wonderful haven for stamp collectors/philatelists from all over the world. Our very first postage stamp was issued on 18 December 1860 and the first commemorative stamp, marking the 400th Anniversary of Columbus' discovery of St Lucia, was issued in 1902."

    Saint Lucia’s postal history dates as far back as 1762, when it shared a Deputy Postmaster General with four other islands. In the years following, war between the French and English saw the disintegration and reestablishment of the postal system in St Lucia more than once. 1850 an operational system was reinstated, with Castries as a branch of the British Post Office. Operations expanded with a daily inland post established between Castries and Soufriere. 1860 marked the inauguration of local control of the post office to St Lucia, with St Lucia’s first postage stamp being issued on 18th December 1860. Fast forward well over a century later, Saint Lucia Postal Service has come a long way and today comprises a network of 46 strategically located post offices covering the length and breadth of the island, with affordable services accessible by the populace. Saint Lucia Postal Service is the main provider of postal services for a population of approximately 170,000 inhabitants within a 238sq mile. It serves as the link between Saint Lucia and countries around the world, with its highest mail exchange between the United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago. Saint Lucia Postal Service is managed by a team consisting of 176 members.

    ... Saint Lucia Postal Service does not operate in isolation, and is one of the 191 members of the Universal Postal Union, a United Nations specialized agency. The Universal Postal union was established in 1874, has its headquarters in Berne Switzerland. Saint Lucia Postal Service is also a member of the Caribbean Postal Union which was established in Saint Lucia in September 1997, where 15 Caribbean postal administrations signed the CPU conventions and protocols. To date there consists of 24 Caribbean territories plus the United States, United Kingdom, France, Canada and Netherlands.


    Saint Pierre et Miquelon
    (a self-governing overseas collectivity of France)

    La Poste de Saint-Pierre (c.2014)
    BP 4000
    97500 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

  • Tél.: 05 08 41 36 21
  • Fax: 05 08 41 37 60
  • laposte.spm@laposte...
  • Site officiel de la Philatélie

    La Poste de Miquelon (c.2014)
    BP 8649
    97500 Saint-Pierre et Miquelon

  • Tél.: 05 08 41 61 20
  • Fax: 05 08 41 65 22
    Bureau Philatelique (c.2000)
    3 Place de l'Eglise
    Box 4323
    St. Pierre F-97500
    St. Pierre et Miquelon
    (via Halifax, Nova Scotia)
  • Tel 0508 41 36 07
    Agent: (none known)





    St. Pierre and Miquelon Dealers Directory

  • Saint Thomas and Prince Islands: see: Sao Tome


    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

    (including 'Bequia')

    SVG Postal Corporation UPU, CPU

  • Tel No: (784) 457-1744 (c.2014)
  • Or (784) 450-0391
  • Or (784) 533-0391
  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Or [email protected]
  • Fax No: (784) 485-6262
    M-F 8am-3pm ; Sat. until 11:30am
    SVG Postal Corporation was established by an Act of Parliament, No. 17 of 2003 and came into being on 1st October, 2003. SVG Post replaced the General Post Office as the official Postal Administration of the state and effectively commenced operations on 16th October, 2003 with the transfer of the General Post Office from its temporary location at Paul's Avenue to the newly renovated offices on the Ground Floor of the Ministerial Building on Halifax Street, Kingstown.

    St. Vincent Phil. Service Ltd. (c.2000)
    General Post Ofc.
    Kingstown, St. Vincent and Grenadines
  • Tel 809 457-1911
  • Fax 809 456-2383
    Agent: IGPC
    See Also: Bequia, Grenada (& the Grenadines)









    St. Vincent Dealers Directory
  • Post Codes


    All Post Boxes in Kingstown
    Sion Hill
    Kingstown (General Delivery)
    Kingstown (Other)
    Lowmans Hill
    Lodge Village
    Edindoro/Ottley Hall

    Sandy Bay
    South Rivers
    Park Hill
    Mt. Grenan and Diamonds
    New Grounds
    Peruvian Vale
    Arnos Vale
    Richland Park



    Petit Bordel
    Rose Bank
    Rose Hall
    Coulls Hill
    Spring Village
    Buccament Bay
    Rillan Hill
    Clare Valley
    Campden Park

    Port Elizabeth- Bequia
    Paget Farm - Bequia
    Clifton - Union Island
    Ashton - Union Island



    ('Independent State of' and aka: 'Western Samoa')
    Samoa Post UPU, APPU


    Customer service – Phone + 685- 27640 Extension 114 and 117
    Mail Operations and Queries – Phone + 685- 27640 Extension 116 and 118

    c.20140907: "The hosting contract for Samoa Post expired on 31-August-2014; (OK Sept 12, 2014).
    Please contact enquiries@samoapost... for further information."

    Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Posts and Telecommunications Department
    Chief Post Office
    Apia, Western Samoa
    Agents: IGPC, Crown Agents, NZ Post?
    (Note: American Samoa is different and a trust of the U.S.)

    Western Samoa Dealers Directory


    San Marino

    Poste San Marino UPU, CEPT, SEPAC
    Direzione Generale (c.2014) POSTEUROP
    Ente Poste
    Strada degli Angariari, 3
    47891 Dogana
    Repubblica di San Marino

  • Tel.: (+378) 0549.882564
  • info@poste...
    AASFN (c.2000)
    RSM - 47031, San Marino
    Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelica & Numismatica di San Marino
    Piazza Garibaldi, 5
    City of San Marino
    47890 Repubblica di San Marino
  • Tel: +378 0549 882365
  • Fax: 0549 882363 (from Italy)
  • - - (+)378 (from other Countries)
  • aasfn@omniway... (c.2000)
  • info.ufn@pa... (c.2014)
    (or postal affairs:)
    Direction Générale des Postes & Télécommunications
    Contrada Omerelli, 17
    San Marino
  • Mr Luciano Capicchioni is:
  • General Director of Posts & Telecommunications
  • Tel: +378.882555
  • Fax: +378.992760
    Agent: Japan; .jp

    San Marino Dealers Directory
  • "The origins of the Republic’s postal history are as far off as they are illustrious. It all began with a measure adopted by the Prince and Sovereign Council on the 7th of October 1607, which nominated a Postman whose duty was to go to Rimini to pick up incoming mail and leave any to be fowarded, in order to guarantee the population of San Marino contact with the outside world.

    Thus began an organised public service for use by both the State authorities and the ordinary citizen, however, nobody was exempt from payment, not even the Captains Regent − the Heads of State. It should be noted that at that time the job of transferring mail was carried out all over Europe by private couriers, something which could only be afforded by the ruling classes and the Pope; “….the less well-off had to make their own arrangements”, writes Franco Filanci, “entrusting their message to a pilgrim, a monk, a ship’s captain..."

    San Marino was therefore the first state in the world to dream up and launch a public postal service with no aim of creating income for the coffers of the State. And so it was that in the winter of 1607-1608 the first Postman, a certain Giulio Franchini, began his yo- yoing between Pianello (the Piazza in front of the Palazzo Pubblico) and Rimini post station; initially once a week then twice and even more often, always on foot and in any weather!

    To collect mail destined for Rimini a box was installed under the portico of the Domus Communis Magna while, to be transported, the correspondence was put inside a special satchel.

    And for over two centuries the Postman’s remuneration consisted of a small salary – a cause for periodic complaints – supplemented by one Baiocco coin as tax on every incoming letter, plus a pair of shoes and every now and again, a cloak. . . .

    . . . in 1826 San Marino felt it opportune to adopt a service that was less haphazard than the simple Postman, and so on the 7th of December, the Prince and Sovereign Council decided (and) promoting the Postman to Postal Official, conceded him a corner of the Palazzo Pubblico.. (and) in 1833, to prevent any slip-ups, a proper Post Office was built next to the Palazzo . .

    The opening of the office was just the beginning of San Marino’s postal innovations. When, in November of 1834 the Postman died, instead of a new one being elected his son took his place, also with an eye to “….providing him with some means to help the impecunious state of his rather large family….” while soon after, following the entreaties of his mother, he was even assigned a horse.

    . . . . . . .

    (Selected excerpts - aj)


    Sao Tome and Principe

    (Saint Thomas and Prince Islands)

    Correios de São Tomé e Príncipe UPU, AICEP

    Avenida Marginal 12 R/C
    São Tomé
    São Tomé e Príncipe

  • Phone: 00239 224 1555, 002392241550, 002399918387
  • Email: [email protected]

    old: '404' c.2014

    Entreprise des Postes (c.2000)
    Bureau Philatelique
    Avenue du 12 Juillet
    Sao Tome
    (or via Linn's:)
    Direccao dos Correios e Telecomunicacoes,
    Seccao Filatelica,
    Sao Tome, Sao Tome and Principe
    Agent: (none known)

    Sao Tome and Principe Dealers Directory


    Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Post UPU, APPC

    (offers English c.2014)

    8228 طريق الملك عبدالعزيز
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 12643-2121

  • Phone: +966 9200 05700

    Direction of Posts & Telecom (c.2000)
    Philatelic Bureau
    Erriad 11142, Saudi Arabia
    Division of Posts and Telegraphs
    Philatelic Section
    Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+966 1) 405 1140
  • Téléfax (+966 1) 405 1140
    Agent: (none known)

    Saudi Arabia Dealers Directory

    Scotland - part of/see: The U.K.



    La Poste Sénégalaise UPU, PAPU, WAPCO

    (Only offers online contact form 'Service client' & no philately)

  • Direction Production et Réseau (c.2008)
    Subdivision timbres-poste
    Direction Generale
    La Poste - Dakar
  • Tel: (221) 839-34-36
  • philatelie@laposte...
    PT. OCPE (c.2000?)
    Direction Générale
    6 rue Abdoulaye Seck Marie Parsine
    Dakar, Sénégal
  • Tel +221 839 34 00
  • Fax +221 823 34 01
  • contact@laposte...

    Service Philatelique
    6, Bd Roosevelt - Av. de la Republique
    Dakar, Senegal
  • Tel: 221 821 62 00
  • Fax: 221 823 62 41
  • E-mail: [email protected]...

    Monsieur Diaw Ndiaye
    Chef Bureau d'Etudes de LA POSTE
    DAKAR (Sénégal )
  • Tél (221) 639 82 53 / 839 35 76 / 839 34 19
  • Fax (221) 849 21 92 / 823 85 01
  • Email [email protected]
    In regards to UPU Conference 23 - 24 Mai 2001 Marketing in the African Zone
    UPU Int'l Affairs: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+221) 839 35 53, 823 57 58
  • Téléfax (+221) 823 62 41, 823 62 42
    Official Agents list: ('404' but c.2000)
  • De Rosa Novedades ; .es
  • Filatex ; .es
  • Champion ; .fr
  • Rodan; .be
  • Herrick; .us

    Senegal Dealers Directory



    (self-procalimed/see: Yugoslavia)
    Javno preduzeće „Pošta Srbije” UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP
    (Public Enterprise "Post Serbia")
    Direkcija za pismonosne usluge
    (Directorate of postal services)
    Takovska 2, 11000 Beograd, PAK 135403
  • Tel.: 011 3064 143, 011 3644 704, 011 3644 705
  • Tel.: 011 3644 719, 011 3064 113,
  • Fax: 011 3644 637
  • [email protected]...

    Public Enterprise "Post Serbia"
    RJ "Srbijamarka" (Filatelija)
    Palmotićeva 2, 11000 Belgrade, PAK 106306

  • Tel.: 011 3063 260
  • Fax: 011 3641 855
  • [email protected]...
    JUGOMARKA (c.2000)
    Palmoticeva 2
    YU - Beograd, Yugoslavia
    Note: Claims the name 'Yugoslavia' but the "US view is that the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) has dissolved..." says the C.I.A.

    Another Note: As of March 2006, 'Yougoslavia' has disolved into the 2 independent countries Serbia and/see Montenegro. aj

    Agent: (none known)

    Yugoslavia Dealers Directory
  • The Postal History and Postage Stamps of Serbia, 1841-1921, Mirko R. Rasic



    (aka: Zil Elwannyen Sesel)

    Seychelles Postal Service UPU
    P.O.Box 60, Victoria (c.2014)
    Mahé, Seychelles

  • Tel.: 428 85 55
  • Fax: 22 44 17
  • seypost@seychelles...
    Seychelles Philatelic Bureau (c.2000)
    Central Post Ofc.
    P.O. Box 60
    Victoria (Mahe Seychelles), Seychelles
    Agent: Crown Agents

    Seychelles Dealers Directory


    Sierra Leone

    Sierra Leone Postal Services Limited (Salpost) UPU, PAPU, WAPCO
    Siaka Stevens Street
    Sierra Leone

    Philatelic Section (c.2000)
    Salpost, General Post Office
    Freetown, Sierra Leone
    Agent: IGPC
    "The Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corporation (IGPC), in the United States of America is the Sierra Leone Postal Services Limited's Philatelic Agent, responsible for printing of all issues of stamps. They assist in promotion and sale of philatelic merchandise world wide particularly for customers outside Sierra Leone." (c.2014 aj)

    Sierra Leone Dealers Directory

    The following shows a list of Operational Post Offices in Sierra Leone and their address. (c.2014):

    1. General Post Office, Siaka Stevens Street, Freetown
    2. Cline Town Post Office, Jenner Wright Road, Cline Town, Western Region
    3. Kissy Post Office, Low cost Housing, Kissy, Western Region
    4. New England Post Office, Jomo Kenyatta Road, New England, Western Region
    5. Aberdeen Post Office, Cape Road, Aberdeen, Westren Region
    6. Youyi Building Post Office, Main Motor Road, Youyi Building, Freetown, Western Region
    7. Hill Station Post Office, Regent Road, Hill Station, Freetown, Western Regionn
    8. Q.E. II Quay Post Office, Queen Elizabeth II Quay, Freetown, Western Region
    9. Waterloo Post Office, Waterloo, Western Region
    10. Bo Post Office, No. 2 Mattru Road Bo, Southern Region
    11. Moyamba Post Office, Siaka Stevens Street, Moyamba, Southern Region
    12. Pujehun Post Office, Gbondappie Road, Pujehun, Southern Region
    13. Bonthe Post Office, Heddle Road, Bonthe, Southern Region
    14. Kenema Post Office, 2 Hangha Road, Kenema, Eastern Region
    15. Blama Post Office, Kori Bondo Road, Blama, Eastern Region
    16. Kailahun Post Office, Pendembu Road, Kailahun, Eastern Region
    17. Koidu Town Post Office, Post Office Road, Koidu Town, Eastern Region
    18. Makeni Post Office, Station Road. Makeni, Northern Region
    19. Kabala Post Office, Hospital Road, Kabala, Northern Region
    20. Magburaka Post Office, Post Office Road, Magburaka, Northern Region
    21. Kambia Post Office, Komrabai Dura Road, Kambia, Northern Region
    22. Port loko Post Office, Wharf Road, Port loko, Northern Region
    23. Lunsar Post Office, Siaka Stevens Street, Lunsar, Northern Region
    24. Lungi Post Office, International Airport, Lungi, Northern Region.



    SingPost UPU, APPU

    C/o Singapore Post Limited (c.2014)
    10 Eunos Road 8
    Singapore Post Centre
    Singapore 408600

  • Head Office Tel: +65 6841 2000
    Mon -Fri: 8am to 6pm
    Sat, Sun & PH: Closed
    24/7 Customer Care Hotline
  • Tel: 1605
  • From Overseas: +65 6841 2000 (Select Option 1)
    Postal Service Group (c.2000)
    Singapore Post
    Philatelic & Stamps Department
    10 Eunos Road 8 #01-33
    Singapore Post Centre
    Singapore 408600
    Republic of Singapore
  • Fax: 65 4411 878
  • [email protected]...
    UPU Int'l Affairs data: (c.2000)
  • Téléphone (+65) 845 6400
  • Téléfax (+65) 841 1836
    Singapore Post Philatelic Bureau,
    750 Chai Chee Road #04-09,
    Chai Chee Industrial Park,
    Singapore 469000
    Singapore Philatelic Bureau
    1 Killiney Road
    Singapore 0923
    Republic of Singapore
    Agents: Interpost; via Linn's, Brunei Post , Japan; .jp

    Singapore Dealers Directory
  • From the Posts' Brief History of Singapore Post

    Singapore Post has a heritage dating back to the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. In those days, a single mail office collected and delivered the small volume of letters. It was located in the previous Parliament House and run by just three persons.

    As trade flourished, both postal and marine traffic grew. The "Post Office", as it was known, became a separate department from the Marine Office in October 1858.

    Fullerton Building, the 'Grand Old Dame', was the site of the General Post Office (GPO) and was built between 1925 and 1928. An earlier GPO was demolished to make way for this building. The novelist, Joseph Conrad, described this earlier post office as 'the most important post office in the East'

    From 1949, under a Malayan Postal Union Agreement, the Singapore Postal Department was linked with the Postal Department of the Federation of Malaya. . . was centrally administered by the Postmaster General of Malaya from the joint administrative headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. However, the government of that territory retained revenue collected in each territory.

    Following independence on 9 August 1965, Singapore took over its own postal functions in stages and was admitted to the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on 8 January 1966. The Singapore Postal Services Department became a fully autonomous body on 1 January 1967.

    Selective excerpts. - aj c.2014



    Slovenská Posta UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP

    Filatelia (offers English, but not for philately)

    Partizánska cesta 9
    975 99 Banská Bystrica 1

    Slovak Post
    warehouse Postshop
    Bojnická 14
    832 70 Bratislava
    (weekdays 8:00 to 14:30 Info about orders)
    (weekdays 8:00 to 16:00 general)

  • eshop@slposta...
  • Tel.: 10 15 48 02/60
  • Customer Service / Orders: 0800 122 413

    Poštová filatelistická služba (POFIS)
    Námestie slobody 27 (c.2014)
    817 98 Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Tel.: +421 2/544 338 41
  • pofis@slposta...

  • Slovenska posta s.p., POFIS
    Namestie Slobody 6
    817 61, Bratislava, Slovakia

    (note: POFIS = Postal Philatelic Service of the Slovak Republic)
    (Linn's posts this one too)
    Slovenska posta s.p., POFIS
    Mamateyova 16 , Box 1
    850 05 Bratislava 55, Slovakia
    Slovenská Posta, s.p.
    Nám. SNP 35
    Case postale 290 (P.O. Box 290)
  • Téléphone (+421 7) 397 221 or (+421 7) 5441 0306
  • Téléfax (+421 7) 397 221 or (+421 7) 5441 0305
    (this is from both PostEurop and UPU Int'l Affairs data sources)
    See Also: Czech Repbulic (the other half of the old Czechoslovakia)

    Slovakia Dealers Directory
  • Slovak cities and Post Codes; text list. (cc)

    Post Code Search Engine

    The main post office (in Bratislava) is at the corner of Namestie SNP and Ursulinska. The poste restante window is located at Namest1ie SNP 35. Parcels and letters are sent from the room next door. The poste restante and letter mail windows are opened Mon-Fri 7:00-21:00, Sat 7:00-17:00 and Sun 7:00-14:00.

    The telephone/fax/telegram room is inside Namestie SNP 36, upstairs one flight, and it is open Mon-Fri 7:00-20:30.

    Post at Main Railway Station (Hlavna stanica ZSR) is opened non-stop.



    Pošta Slovenije d.o.o. UPU, CEPT, POSTEUROP, PUMed, RCC

  • E: info@posta...
  • T: + 386 (2) 2000
  • F: + 386 (2) 2111
  • E: maja.pehant@posta...
  • T: + 386 (2) 449 2243

  • Ministerstvo dopravy, pôšt a telekomunikácií
    Slovenskej republiky
    (Ministry of Transport, Posts and Telecommunications
    of the Slovak Republic)
    Námestie slobody č. 6
    810 05 Bratislava
    Slovenská republika
  • Tel.: +421 7/ 5949 4111
  • Fax: +421 7/ 5249 4794
  • site features: Catalog of issues from 1993 on
    Posta Slovenije d.o.o.
    Sektor za posto
    Cigaletova 15
    61000, Lbjubljana, Slovenia
    Posta Slovenije, d.o.o. Maribor
    p.p. 500
    SI - 2001 Maribor, Slovenia
  • Fax 386 62 449 2211
  • [email protected] - Philatelics
  • E-mails: [email protected] , [email protected]
    UPU/PostEurop Data:
    International Postal Affairs
  • Téléphone (+386 62) 449 2221
  • Téléfax (+386 62) 449 2112
    Agent: Unicover; .us, Hansen; .no

    See Also: Yugoslavia

    Slovenia Dealers Directory
  • Pošta Slovenije (Post of Slovenia) was established following the division of the former Joint PTT Company of Slovenia into Pošta Slovenije and Telekom Slovenije on 1 January 1995. Since 2002, Pošta Slovenije has been operating as a fully state-owned company.




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