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in U.K.'s Channel Islands

  • Alderney catalog - APS's World Postal Issues Database (WPID)
    project data is in ASCII comma delimited format ; now '404' BUT...; I preserved it!
    ...The data can be imported into a database program such as Access, Approach, dBase, Foxpro, Paradox etc.,

    Also the data has not been updated in a number of years and no issues after 1992 - others are needed to continue this task.

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  • Alderney New Issues:

    Inter Governmental Philatelic Agency Online

  • Museum data (See Also)
    Alderney's Postal Museum:
    Alderney Museum
    High Street, St. Anne
    A few exhibits containing postal history items. '404'

  • Alderney Postal Authority - via and See Also: Guernsey Post Office (cf.)
    The Guernsey Post Office runs the postal service for the Bailiwick, i.e. Guernsey, Alderney, Sark and Herm. (note: explore the root of this url: for local contacts in the area)

  • Alderney, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man & GB "Stamp Master" software (CD-ROM & diskett) by Philatelic Software Ltd. - StampMaster
    GB (endorsed both by Royal Mail and the National Postal Museum) may be ordered through the British Philatelic Bureau (q.v.) Channel Islands & Isle of Man through the Jersey Philatelic Bureau (q.v.) or here. (other dealers listed too)

    Philatelic Software Ltd. : (ref.) See Also
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