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( Autriche or Österreich )
Austria's 1st stamp via Stamps2.comAustria became a duchy and passed to the Habsburg family in 1282, who made it a foundation of their empire. Hungarian nationalism and Habsburg defeats in the 19th century led to the dual monarchy of Austria-Hungary, 1867. Nationalist resulted in the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in 1914 and World War I which ended the Austrian Empire. A republic was established in 1918 and was annexed by the Third Reich in 1938. The country was occupied by British, American, French and Russian troops from 1945 with independence attained in 1955. Postage stamps have been issued since 1850.
Oesterreichische Post
A-1211 Vienna, Austria
Telephone +0222 515 51-0
from Malte:
Post & Telekom Austria, Sammler-Service
Steinheilgasse 1, 1211 WIEN

CIA data on Austria
Location: Central Europe, north of Italy and Slovenia
Independence: 1156 (from Bavaria)
National holiday: National Day, 26 October (1955)

FIP - Federation Internationale de Philatelie member
Verband Oesterr.
Postfach 67
A-1043 Wien
Phone: 0043 1 587 6469
Fax: 0043 1 587 7026

Austrian Stamp Collectors Society - FIP - in German only
Verband österr.
Getreidemarkt 1
A-1060 Wien
Tel.: +43/1/587 64 69
Fax: +43/1/587 70 26

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data

Inter Governmental Philatelic Agency Online
dealers only.

Willkommen auf der Post - Austria's Postal Authority ; German or English
You find stamps to buy via 'Online Shop' ; upper right - doesn't fit my Netscape well ; all I could see was 'On . But 'Online Databases' gets a searchable (by year or predefined topic within the year selected) Stamp Catalog listing issues from 1947 to current, download zip codes, buy a Stamp CD or Post Lexikon CD...
Note: no images in catalog for 1947 but there were for 1964 so I assume they're not finished yet.

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations
Österreichische Post AG
M. Martin Wolf
Lic. en droit
Chef du département «Ventes»
Postgasse 8
A-1010 WIEN
Téléphone (+43 1) 515 51-1601
Téléfax (+43 1) 513 41-24
M. Christian Kirchmayer,
Chef du Département «Marketing»
Téléphone (+43 1) 515 51-1003
Téléfax (+43 1) 512 54-54

PostEurop - The Association of European Public Postal Operators
Post und Telekom Austria, A.G.
General Directorate
Postgasse 8
1011 Vienna
Ms Petra Buriánek
Head of Department (PA)
International and Legal Affairs
Tel: +43.1.515511101
Fax: +43.1.5120929
Language of Correspondence: English
Thomas Berger's Austrian Postal History pages

Österreichische Bundesmuseen - general museum

...Going Postal

World-Address postal information service : Austria
page links:
Postal authority / Organisation Postale: Post & Telekom Austria
Postcodes research / Recherche de codes postaux: Postcodes / Codes Postaux
Postal rates / Tarifs postaux: Post & Telekom Austria

Postage rates

PTA - Post & Telekom Austria AG - Parent of the postal authority.
The English route: follow Post..

Austria - Telcom authority / Organisation Postale - Elektronisches Telefonbuch - Einfache Suche
In German: opens with a telephone #? search engine


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