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From the 'PHILATELIC CLUB   L I T U A N I C A ' below!

Lithuanian Philatelic Society FIP, FEPA
M. Valanciaus 3
232 009 Vilnius
  • Tel.: 00370 2 650820

    Vygintas Bubnys
    Theatro 9B-14
    LT 2009 Vilnius

  • Tel.: 00370 6 980 1772
  • Fax: 00370 5 213 9056
  • ?: [email protected] (.lt?)
    c.2005 FIP data

    'Postal History'

  • Algirdas Satas
    P. O. Box 112
    LT-2000 Vilnius-C
  • Tel.: 370-2-750566
    CIS : Baltics : Lithuania (packets: pre WWII), Latvia, Estonia : new issues, stamps, covers, locals (official, unofficial).
    Corresponds in: .uk, .de, .fr (data c.1995-1995)
    Audrius Tomonis
    P. O. Box 1143
    LT-2001 Vilnius
  • Tel./Fax: 370-2-442-975
    Sine 1992: Stamps, covers, phonecards, coins, banknotes. Specialty: CIS ("Ex-USSR's new republics"). Wholesale, retail.
    Corresponds also in English. data c.1999
    Mr. Antanas Jankauskas
    Antanas' Stamp Shop (internet)
    Mr. Antanas Jankauskas
    P.O. Box 2022, LT-3000 Kaunas
  • @Kaunas, @pikuolis (c.1999-2008 *)
    "I am a collector, not a dealer, so I am not expecting to profit from the sale of these lots ...pay in Litas or $US"
  • Root of URL is: PHILATELIC CLUB   L I T U A N I C A  - OFFICIAL SITE (c.2008)
    Mr. Antanas Jankauskas is President and editor of bulletin "PHILLIT" c.2008.
    He is also an author (.lt specialized catalogue *) and stamp designer!
    As a philatelist, one who is looking for: date cancels of Lithuanian towns 1919-1944

    Constantine Kliorys' Baltic States Stamps
  • @-mail
  • eBay ID : kestas2prodigy.net (no % c.2008)
    website data c.2004: "Hello, Prices updated to include 2004 year sets!
    I collect the Baltic States (including Memel) 1918-1940, and now the new issues as well.
    I have a fairly extensive collection of duplicates, both mint and used. If there are any stamps that you need, please send me your want lists, or any inquiry .. "
    eBay notes: "Location: United States"
    old: pages.prodigy.com/PA/baltic/baltic.html '404' c.2008
    Danielus Podagelis
    P. O. Box 816
    LT-2055 Vilnius
    data c.1999 : specialty unknown  
    Eurofila Ltd. More Info..
    Ricardas Rusteika
    P. O. Box 1099
    LT-3042 Kaunas
  • Tel. +370 7 259804
  • Fax: +370 7 775211
  • E-mail
    Agent. "New Stamps from new countries.". Stamps, Year Sets, FDCs, Topicals (extensive list - aj c.2008)

    Note: I have found that Eurufila Ltd. has been closed though the website has yet to be shut down... aj, Dec. 10, 2008.
    Neofila Ltd. More Info
    Arvydas Vingrys
    P.O. Box 107
    LT-50006, Kaunas-5
  • Tel./Fax: +370-37-426720
  • E-mail
  • VAT payer code: LT 100001171710 Listings
    "NEOFILA is official agent of Belarus Post, Czech Post, Kazakhstan Post and Ukraine Post."
    "We offer stamps, Year Sets, FDC and other philatelic items issued in 1990-2008".. + : covers Eastern Europe, the ex USSR & ex Yougoslavia regions and more... aj.
    Saulius Fokas
    P. O. Box 1123
    LT-2001 Vilnius
  • Tel.: 370-2-621506
  • Fax: 370-2-223198
    "By appointment." Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, USSR : (stamps, covers, postcards, phonecards, banknotes)
    Corresponds in: .uk, .de, .fr, .ru, .lt (data c.1995 - 1999)
    Vahagn Grigorian
    P. O. Box 2808
    LT-2000 Vilnius
    Specialty unknown - data c.1999
    Vytautas Burkauskas
    Zemynos 9-28
    LT 2022 Vilnius
  • Tel./Fax: 370-2-479812
    Since 1980: Stamps, covers, postcards, phonecards, banknotes, medals, wholesale.
    Corresponds in : .uk, .de, .lv ( data c.1995-1999 )

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