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The Bulgars crossed the Danube in the 7th century. Their empire was continually at war with Byzantines until destroyed by the Turks in the 14th century after which it remained under Turkish rule from 1396 until 1878. Full independence was achieved in 1908 and the country was a kingdom between 1908 and 1946. Bulgaria aligned itself with Germany during both world wars and was occupied by the USSR in 1944. The Socialist People's Republic was founded in 1946 and it was proclaimed the Republic of Bulgaria in 1990. Postage stamps have been issued since 1879.

Ministere du Transport et Communications
Service Philatelique Postal
44 Rue Dencoglou
Sofia, Bulgaria

FIP - Federation Internationale de Philatelie member
Union des Philat´┐Żlistes Bulgares
P.O. Box 662
BG-1000 Sofia
Phone: 00359 2 653 018

Crown Agents Stamp Bureau - agent to UK dealers
see Soverign stamp division for retail sales

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data
CIA data for Bulgaria
Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Romania and Turkey
Independence: 22 September 1908 (from Ottoman Empire)
National holiday: Independence Day, 3 March (1878)

Bjorn's "Philatelic journey through the history of Bulgaria" (to 1946) - OFFERS FREE ALBUM PAGES! - Excellent! - aj. - now '404'; any help??
"Bulgaria is my first stamp album project. Bulgaria has a very dramatic history that is often (the) theme for their stamp issues. After approximately a year and a half of work I now have a stamp album where every motif and every person pictured is identified with an explanation about why he/she or it is important for Bulgaria.... I do have a large number of duplicates, however, and if you are interested in trading ..." . AJ's Note: The album pages available free here were created using MS PowerPoint (hint) and he says, "note that most of the album is currently available only in Norwegian!! If someone asks me really nice, however, I might find time to make a translation....." - I imagine that as he studied his stamps he kept a record in PowerPoint and created the pages as he went... aj. - was ; help?

...Going Postal

Bulgarian Posts - English ; Philately and Services

Bulgaria Post's Philately English page ; new issues
Executive Director:
Ludmil Yossifov
962 56 97 / 962 54 46
Postal counter services:
Ivan Mlekanov
949 33 10
Commercial Directorate:
Penka Kjneva
949 33 60

PostEurop - The Association of European Public Postal Operators
Bulgarian Posts Ltd
1, Arso Pandourski Street (bl. 31)
1700 Sofia
Republic of Bulgaria
Mr K. Konstantinov
Chairman of the Management Board
Tel: +359.2.9496423
Fax: +359.2.877657

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