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In 1920 a treaty was signed in which Britain agreed not to interfere in the internal affairs of Bhutan. A similar treaty, the Indo-Bhutan Treaty of Friendship, was signed in 1949 with India. The country was goverened by a maharajah from 1907 who is now addressed as the King of Bhutan. Postage stamps have been issued since 1962.

Chief Controller of Stamps
Philatelic Bureau
Thimphu, Bhutan

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Catalogue Cross Reference Lists: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan
There are very few countries in the philatelic world with so many difficulties in cataloguing their stamps. It is my goal therefor to bring a bit light into that dark by publishing cross reference lists for the more complicated areas. So far I have prepared lists covering:

Nepal: This list covers only the stamps which have been issued from 1881 - 1930 in the so called Classic Design. The Sri Pashupati stamps, (Perkins, Bacon issue of 1907) are not included therefor. (cross refs Gibbons, Scott, Michael, Handbook "The Classic Stamps of Nepal by Dr. Wolfgang Hellrigl and Frank Vignola. (No.1-28a and 33-44d). ; has column for Yvet but no info.. aj)

Tibet: Michel, Scott and Stanley Gibbons Catalogues cross ref. The Numbers according to the Handbooks of Waterfall and Dahnke were not taken into consideration.

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations
Posts, Telegraphs and Civil Wireless
General Post Office
M. Meghraj Gurung
Director General
T�l�phone (+975 2) 22296
T�l�phone (+975 2) 22675
T�l�phone (+975 2) 23103
T�l�fax (+975 2) 23108

CIA data on Bhutan
Location: Southern Asia, between China and India
Independence: 8 August 1949 (from India)
National holiday: National Day, 17 December (1907) (Ugyen WANGCHUCK became first hereditary king)

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