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The area was ruled by the Tutsi kingdom from the 16th century until occupied by Germany in 1890 and included in German East Africa. The territory was administered by Belgium for the League of Nations, 1919, and was joined with Rwanda to become the territory of Ruanda-Urundi, 1946. It became independent in 1962. It became a republic after overthrow of the monarchy in 1966. Stamps were first issued for Ruanda-Urundi in 1924 and Burundi in 1962

Agence Philatelique du Burundi
Boite Postale 45
Bujumbura, Burundi

or Malte style:
Minist�re des P.T.T.
Service Philat�lique

CIA data on Burundi
Central Africa, east of Democratic Republic of the Congo
Independence: 1 July 1962 (from UN trusteeship under Belgian administration)

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