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Bangladesh was part of the State of Bengal until Muslim East Bengal was created in 1905. It was separated from Hindu West Bengal and reunited in 1911. It was partitioned again in 1947 when West Bengal remained in India and East Bengal formed East Pakistan. A rebellion in 1971 led to independence as the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Postage stamps have been issued since 1971

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Bangladesh Post Office
Philatelic Bureau
Dhaka 2, DHAKA - 1000

Philatelic Museums & Libraries data for Bangladesh

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations
Bangladesh Post Office
M. Rabindra Nath Das
Director (International Postal Services)
DHAKA - 1000

Téléphone (+880 2) 955 17 70

Bangladesh ; some postal codes...
Postal Codes (Chittagong, Dhaka) , Inter City Distances , Telephone Area Codes (all? help?)

CIA data: Bangladesh - former: East Pakistan
Location: Southern Asia, bordering the Bay of Bengal, between Burma and India
Independence: 16 December 1971 (from Pakistan)
National holiday: Independence Day, 26 March (1971)


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