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former Bechuanaland Protectorate

Botswana was explored by Europeans in 1801 and visited by missionaries during the 19th century. The London Missionary Society established a mission on the Kuruman River in 1813. The Boers arrived in 1835 and gold was discovered in 1867. The area came under British protection in 1885. The southern part of the area becanme a crown colony, then part of Cape Colony in 1895. The north became the Becuanaland Protectorate. Self government was obtained in 1964 with independence and name change to Botswana in 1966. Postage stamps have been issued since 1892 (1888?).

Botswana Postal Services
Philatelic Bureau
Box 100
Gaborone, Botswana

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Crown Agents Stamp Bureau - Worldwide agent except USA

Universal Postal Union Addresses for International customer relations
Botswana Postal Services
M. Israel Itumelen Molema
Manager International Postal Affairs/EMS
Poso House
P.O. Box 100
T�l�phone (+267) 353 131
T�l�fax (+267) 313 599
and the UN says the P.O. is an official distributor of UN stamps too!

Botswana: Postal Services - A pictorial history in stamps
A one page history - part of a series covering the commerce and industy of Botswana.

Botswana - Status and structures of postal administrations
"There is a plan to restructure the Botswana Postal Services into a more commercial oriented business organization....
For further information on postal administrations please contact following address: [email protected]

CIA data on Botswana
Southern Africa, north of South Africa
Independence: 30 September 1966 (from UK)

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