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Irish Armored Vehicles
Photos 1 - 5 � Timoney Technology Limited Photos 6 & 7 � Curragh
Local History Group
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Timoney Mks 1, 2, & 3 APCs
Timoney Mk IV APC
Timoney Mk V/BDX APC
Timoney 6x6 ARV
Timoney Mk VI APC
Timoney Mk V/Vickers Valkyr
Timoney ARV Mk I
Timoney ARV Mk 2
Timoney MP44 APC
Timoney MP66 APC
ADI Bushmaster IMV
Timoney Mk 8 4x4 APC
Timoney Mk 8 CM31 6x6 APC
Timoney IFV-MP 6x6
Timoney CM32 8x8 APC
Timoney/ST Terrex AV81 AIFV
Cadilac Gage ASV 150
NREC Spinner
NREC Excalibur
United Defense FCS - Wheeled
Vickers Mk11 Long Rage Patrol Vehicle
Lancia Armoured Car
Leyland Armoured Car
Ford Mk4 Armoured Car
Ford Mk5 Armoured Car
Ford Mk6 Armoured Car
Dodge Armoured Car
Rolls Royce Armoured Car
Peerless Armored Car
Vickers Mk D Tank
Landsverk Tank
Landsverk L180
Beaverette Armoured Car
Universal (Bren-Gun) Carrier
Churchill Tank
Comet Tank
Humber Pig
Ferret Armoured Car
M113 APC
Scania APC
Panhard AML 245 60 CS/HB
Panhard AML 245 H90
Panhard AML M3 APC
Panhard AML127
Panhard AML 20
Scorpion CVRT
Mowag Piranha IIIH
This is a non-profit making site! It contains details of Armored Vehicles designed, manufactured or used in Ireland, or, used by the Irish Defence Forces abroad.

Although never produced on a large scale, quite a number of interesting vehicles have been designed in Ireland, ranging from the Leyland and Ford Armoured Cars of the '30s and '40s to the Terrex AV81 for the 21st century.

This site is maintained as a hobby, by enthusiasts, who have no affiliation to any Government or Commercial body in Ireland or elsewhere.

Photos used on this site are either the property of this site or have been found on the web, over a number of years, and unfortunately their owner's identities may have been mislaid. If you own any of these photographs and you are not accredited or would prefer the photo to be removed, please let us know (e-mail address below) and we will rectify the matter.

If anyone has any additional material, either photos and/or data, and would be willing to have them included on this site, please send them to the address below.
Timoney Armored Vehicles
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Foreign Built Armored Vehicles used by the Irish Army
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Irish Army Vehicles
A must for everyone interested in Irish Armor! Karl Martin has done an excellent job in documenting 80 years of Irish Army soft and hard skinned vehicles.!
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Irish Armoured Vehicles
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