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Irish Army Orders more Piranha IIIs

On Monday, Dec. 9th, 2002, the Irish Army has ordered a further batch of 25 Piranha IIIH 8x8 vehicles. The breakdown of the order is believed to be 20 APCs, 4 Command Posts and 1 Ambulance, with delivery scheduled over the next two years. This second order brings the number of Piranha IIIH in service or on order for the Irish Defence Forces to 65!
ADI Bushmaster enters low rate initial production

According to the Australian Defence Organisation, ADI Bushmaster vehicles have successfully passed the first stage of the new test regime agreed by Government and ADI last year. In a statement, issued March 5th, 2003, Senator Robert Hill, Australian Defence Minister, stated "I am encouraged by the result". As a result of the positive trial, ADI will now commence low rate production at it's plant in Bendigo and these vehicles will be used in further trials in 2004. If the Bushmaster passes these trials it will enter full scale production and ADI will supply 299 vehicles, worth approx. Aus$ 316 million, to the Australian army with first deliveries in 2005.

The Bushmaster, a class leading vehicle,  is based on a Timoney Technology design, the MP44, and Timoney engineers have worked closely with  ADI  to ensure a succesful technology transfer. The Bushmaster offers superb mobility and excellent protection against ball ammunition while retaining the ability to be tranported in a C-130 Hercules (applique may be added to give protection against 5.56mm and 7.62mm AP ammunition..

One Bushmaster prototype was shipped to Ireland in 2002 for further trials and demonstrations.
Otokar to build Terrex AV81?

Reported, Nov. 15, 2002, in Military Procurement International, Vol. 12, No. 22, that Okotar of Turkey, manufacturer of the Cobra 4x4 Armoured Car (based on the Humvee) is negotiating with Singapore Technologies for a licence to manufacture the Timoney designed Terrex AV81 locally. It is expected that Turkey will soon issue a Request for Proposals for up to 2,000 new armoured vehicles, 1,000 4x4s, 200 8x8s and the remainder a mix of different variants.
Irish Government Defers Order for "Light Tactical Vehicles"?

Reports in the media in Dublin, speculate that the Government has deferred the purchase of so called Light Tactical Vehicles, until 2004 at the earliest, due to the downturn in the economic climate. It was expected that the Defence Forces would receive between 65 and 85 vehicles. Reports suggest that the Mowag Eagle was the leading contender, but it was expected that vehicles from many manufacturers including Timoney Technology, Cadilac Gage/TMLS, Alvis Vickers (OMC?), KMW would be considered.
NREC awarded US$ 2.3 million contract by U.S. Navy to build and test TUGV

The Office of Naval Research has awarded the National Robotics Engineering Consortium (NREC) a US$ 2.3 million Phase II contract. The NREC Team Excalibur includes The Boeing Co. (Chicago), Timoney technology Ltd. (Meath, Ireland), Tadrian ElectronicSystems Ltd. (Holon, Israel) and UQM Technologies Inc. (Frederick, Colo.), the same team is currently developing The Spinner, unmanned ground vehicle, for DARPA.

The Excalibur is planned to be a semi-autonomous, multipurpose unmanned ground vehicle, capable of performing both scouting and armed engagement roles.
Singapore Technogies Kinetics build 2 more Terrex AV81s (July 15th, 2003) update

Singapore Technologies have commenced production of two more prototypes of the AV81, one will be configured to suit a Turkish requirement and the other, a potential Belgian requirement. Both prototypes are to be completed by the end of 2003, however, location of manufacture is unknown at this time but is believed to be Singapore.
Taiwan builds new 8x8 (July 25th, 2003)

Jane's Defence Weekly reports that Taiwan has designed and built the first prototype of an 8x8 Armoured Vehicle. However, it is probable that this is the 8x8 version of the Timoney Mk8, known as the CM31 in Taiwan, and speculated to be called the CM32. It was announced in 2001 that an Irish company had won the competition to supply an 8x8, however, a large amount of pressure was applied by the U.S. to have this decision overturned in favour of the Stryker/Piranha III, although it is believed that their efforts were unsuccessful.
First Production Bushmaster delivered (August 28th, 2003)

ADI Limited have announced the on schedule delivery of the first "low rate" production vehicle to the Australian Department of Defence. The vehicle will be joined by 3 others by this November. These vehicles will then undergo further reliability trials before scheduled "full rate" production can commence in 2004.

The Australian Army has ordered 6 versions of the Bushmaster, troop carrier, ambulance, direct fire, mortar, engineer and command.
Singapore Technogies Kinetics and Otokar Otobus Karoseri Sanayi A.S. (Sept. 30th, 2003)

ST Kinetics and Otokar will sign an Cooperation Agreements to co-develop a new Terrex 8x8 AIFV prototype and to market the Bronco All Terrain Tracked Vehicle to the Turkish Land Forces. The agreements are due to be signed at IDEF 2003 in Ankara on Oct. 1st. See news item above.

The Terrex is known as the Yavuz in Turkish and is the second 8x8 wheeled prototype. It is claimed to be "a new class of vehicle that is air-deployable, fast, mobile, reliable and survivable".

See full press release

(Source: ST Kinetics; issued Sept. 30th, 2003)
UAE and Iraq express interest in acquiring the Bushmaster (May 31st, 2004)

The Australian Defence Minister has announced that the UAE has requested details of the Bushmaster and that a vehicle will be shipped there later this year for trials.

Additionally, following his visit to Iraq, the Minister stated that the Iraqi Interim Administration has also expressed an interest in the vehicle.
(Source: ADI/Australian Ministry of Defence)
Bushmaster Passes Final Reliability Test (June 22nd, 2004)

The Australian Defence Minister, Robert Hill, has announced today that the Bushmaster vehicles have successfully passed the final stage of reliability tests. There is only one step left before the vehicle can enter full scale production and the final acceptance test is due to be completed next month.

The Bushmaster is currently in low volume production and 15 vehicles have been delivered to the Australian Army. ADI believes that due to its adaptability, the Australian Army has ordered six variants - troop transport, ambulance, direct fire, mortar, pioneer and command, that the Bushmaster is well suited to a variety of roles including peacekeeping and will prove very attractive on the export market.

Timoney shipped a Bushmaster to Paris to take part in the Eurosatory 2004 exhibition last week and the vehicle attracted considerable attention according to ADI.
(Source: ADI/Australian Ministry of Defence / ADI Ltd.)
Bushmaster Deploys to Iraq (April 2005)

The Australian Ministry of Defence has announced that approx. 10 initial production model Bushmaster vehicles will be deployed to Iraq to support Australian troops.

The Bushmaster has not yet entered full scale production bu it is reported that ADI has produces 70 vehicles out of a total of order of 299 for the Army and RAAF

(Source: ADI/Australian Ministry of Defence / ADI Ltd.)
Irish Army LTAV Competition (May 20th, 2005)

The Irish Army has formally relaunched it's Light Armoured Tactical Vehicle competition and has received submissions from nine companies.

However, it has been reported, by the Irish Independent and RTE, that Timoney Technology "has dropped plans to tender for  an Irish Army contract worht more than 20m. The company had considered considered applying for the contract for 66 light armoured tactical vehicles for the Army as part of a consortium."

(Source: RTE/Irish Independent)
Otokar builds 2nd Terrex AV82 (Yavuz) for Singapore Technogies Kinetics (July 21st, 2005) update

Otokar of Turkey has built a second Terrex (Yavuz) for STK under the designation AV82. The 2nd prototype, the design of which is still supported by Timoney, incorporates a number of changes for the AV81 including a flat underbody instead of a V-shaped hull and revised rear suspension. This has lead to a decrease in mine protection and STK are quoting that the vehicle can withstand a 6Kg mine blast under any wheel. Other changes to the vehicle include an increase in the hull length and a revised top.

STK remain responsible for the worldwide marketing of the vehicle while Otokar bring their experience of armoured vehicle manufacturing to the project.
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