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ADI/Timoney Bushmaster
Infantry Mobility Vehicle
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Mine Detection Vehicle

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ADI Bushmaster Video
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The Bushmaster was originally designed by Timoney Technology and subsequently adapted by ADI Ltd. of Austrailia, who took over the licence from Perry Engineering. Timoney's engineering staff ensured a smooth transfer of technology by extesive in country support. The Bushmaster's hull design and high hardness armour provide a high level of ballistic and mine blast protection for it's occupants. This, combined with Timoney's independent suspension, which provides both excellent cross country performance and crew comfort, make the Bushmaster an excellent troop transport vehicle. To further enhance crew comfort the vehicle's spacious cabin is fully air conditioned, is fitted with ergonomically designed seating and carries 270L of cooled drinking water. The Bushmaster has a large amount of both internal and external storage and shares about 60% component commonality with the US FMTV series of trucks from Stewart & Stevenson.

ADI state in their publicity material, that the Bushmaster, can withstand a mine blast, equivalent to 19Kgs of TNT under it's hull (i.e. 2x 9.5Kg mines) making it a class leader in mine protection.

Initial pre-production machines suffered some reliability problems, caused in the main by "design creep", this has led to the Defence Department requiring modifications and further trials. Having completed the initial trials satisfactorily, ADI have recently received the go ahead from the Commonwealth Government to proceed with low volume production of the Bushmaster, one vehicle per month, against an order for 299 examples. These vehicles will be used to conduct a series of further trials of the vehicle which are due to culminate in July 2004.

The first example of the "low rate production" Bushmaster was handed over in September 2003 to the Australian Army.

In February 2004 it was announced that the trials were progressing satisfactorily and that the final reliability trial would be in May 2004 with final acceptance testing being completed in July 2004. This will allow full rate production, 11 vehicles per month, to commence in August 2004.

It was annouce by the Australian Defence Minister in June 2004 that the Bushmaster had successfully completed all it's reliability testing and that he was confident that final acceptance testing would be successfully completed in August 2004.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 10 Including Driver
Armamentt 5.56mm or 7.62mm Machine Gun Gun Ring Mount
Combat Weight 15,000Kg .
Length 7,087mm .
Width 2,500mm .
Height 2,650mm .
Max. Speed >120 kph Open road
Cruise Speed 110 kph .
Range >1,000Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step 500 mm .
Max. Trench . .
Ballistic Protection 5.56mm and 7.62 mm Ball All Round
Ballistic Protection 5.56mm and 7.62mm AP All Round Up Armour option
Ballistic Protection 9.5 kg TNT Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Caterpillar 3126B ATAAC 330 bhp/246Kw
Transmission ZF Ecomat 2HP502-C 7 Speed Automatic
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