Humber One-ton (Pig) APC FV1600
An immaculately restored Humber One-ton APC (Humber PIG)
Originally developed after WWII to fill a gap due to shortage of Saracen 6x6 APCs by Rootes (once part of Chrysler now gone) and GKN (now part of Alvis). Basically a Rootes one-ton chasis was fitted with an armoured body by GKN. It was a straightforward design with the engine at the front. Troops are seated on bench seats at the rear with the driver and commander up front. The windows have metal hatches to cover them if the vehicle comes under fire.

The Humber Pig APC had been retired from BA use when in 1969 the troubles errupted in the North and the BA found they Pig, being less overtly military, proved more politically sensitive.. The took a number of Humbers, reactivated them and they proved very successful.

The Irish army operated the Humber for a short period, on loan from the British Army, following their initial deployment to Cyprus, while awaiting the delivery of the Panhard AML 60cs armoured cars. Initially 10 vehicles were received however this number was reduced to 7 within 18 months.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2+8 Driver and Commander/Gunner
Combat Weight 5,790 Kg .
Length 4,926 mm .
Width 2,044 mm .
Height 2,120 mm .
Max. Speed 64 kph Open road
Max. Speed in Water kph .
Range 402 Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step mm .
Max. Trench mm .
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm Ball All Round
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP Up armoured by British Army for NI use
Ballistic Protection . .
Engine Rolls-Royce B.60 Mk 5A 6 Cyl. 120 bhp/89.4 Kw
Transmission . 5 Speed Manual
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