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Panhard AML H90
Panhard AML H90 with new sight
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Panhard AML H90 (Original)
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Following the civil unrest of August 1969, the DF commenced on a programme of equipment renewal and replacement. The Panhard AML 60 had entered service in 1964, with 16 purchased, 8 for the UN force in Cyprus and 8 for home use and training. However, it was felt that a more powerfully armed vehicle was required and as Panhard had basically the same vehicle available with a 90mm cannon an initial order for 4 was placed. These were supplemented in various batches and currently19 are in service (20 were actually purchased but one was destroyed in an accidental fire  in Lebanon).

The Panhard AML series is one of the most successful armoured vehicles ever, with 4,800 built between 1959 and 1999. First production vehicles were completed in 1961 for the French army.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the vehicle was the engine, a Panhard Model 4 HD air-cooled petrol unit, which was underpowered and expensive to maintain. From the early 90's a replacement programme was initiated by the DF to replace these with a Peugeot XD 3T diesel unit and all PDF cars have been upgraded (the status of the 3 RDF cars is unclear).

A further upgrade was made to the cars with the addition of the same Fire Control System as fitted to the AML 20s.
Vehicle Specification (Petrol first)
Crew 3 Driver and Commander/Gunner
Armament 90 mm Giat + 7.62 mm Co-Axial 2 x 2 Smoke Grenade Dischargers
Unladen Weight Kgs .
Combat Weight 5,500 Kg .
Length 3,790 mm Hull
Width 1,970 mm .
Height 2,070 mm Overall
Internal Volune N/A Hull
Ground Clearance mm .
Gradient 60% .
Slide Slope 30% .
Max. Speed 90 km/hr Open road
Max. Speed in Water kph .
Cruise Speed . kph .
Range 600/700 - 800 Kms Open road
Max. Vertical Step 300 mm .
Max. Trench 800/3,100 mm 1 channel/3 channels
Fording 1,100 mm
Armour 8 - 12 mm High hardness welded steel plates
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm All Round
Ballistic Protection . .
Ballistic Protection . .
Engine Panhard Model 4 HD Petrol/Peugeot XD 3T Diesel 90 bhp/98 bhp
Transmission . Manual
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