Vickers MK D
Light Tank
Front View of the Mk D with the Turret travered to the rear
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The Vickers Mk D was a prototype of a series being developed for Japan, known as the Mark C, and both mounted a 6 pound gun.

The Mk D was delivered in March 1929 and was used by the Armoured Car Corps to train infantry and cavalry personnel.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 3/4 .
Combat Weight 12 Tons 3 cwt. Without Crew
Length 17 ft. 6 ins. .
Width 8 ft. 4 ins. .
Height 8 ft. .
Max. Speed 20 mph Open road
Max. Speed in Water . .
Range 130 miles Open road
Max. Vertical Step . .
Max. Trench 6.ft. 6 ins. .
Ballistic Protection .303 in. Ball All Round
Ballistic Protection .303 in. AP Rifle 100 yds.
Ballistic Protection .303 in. AP MG 400 yds.
Engine Sunbeam Amazon 170 bhp/ Kw
Transmission . .
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