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United defense 8x8 FSC-W
Wheeled Infantry Fighting Vehicle
Artist's impression of UD's
Wheeled FCS Vehicle
Copyright United Defense
First Prototype of UD's
Wheeled FCS Vehicle
Copyright United Defense
Artist's impression of UD's Tracked and Wheeled FCS Vehicles
Copyright United Defense
The FCS-W is probably the world's latest armored fighting vehicle was unveiled at the AUSA 2002 show. It has been designed in eight months for the U.S. Army's Future Combat System competition to replace the current Interim vehicle - Stryker (Piranha III). The short timescale was made possible by UD working with a number of specialist suppliers among them Timoney Technology who supply the complete 8x8 automotive component.

Like the NREC project Timoney is the only non-U.S. partner in the venture demonstrating it's leadership in the field of high mobility suspension systems and vehicles.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2 .
Combat Weight Kg Approximate
Length mm .
Width mm .
Height mm Approximately
Max. Speed 120 kph Open road
Max. Speed 64 kph Cross Country
Range Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step mm .
Max. Trench mm .
Ballistic Protection AP All Round
Ballistic Protection AP Frontal Arc
Ballistic Protection kg TNT Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Honeywell Hybrid-Electric bhp/Kw
Transmission . .
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