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BDX Armoured Personnel Carrier
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Timoney MkIII, 6723 ZU was sent to Belgium for demonstration purposes from June 22nd to 25th, 1976 and this resulted in an order from the Belgium Government. A licence was granted to Beherman Demoen to build the BDX, an improved version of the Timoney MkIV APC, the MkV to be known as the BDX. It was manufactured for their own use and for export to Argentina and, later, 2nd hand examples were sold to Mexico where they are still in service.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2+10 Including Driver and Gunner/Commander
Armamentt Twin 7.62mm Machine Gun Timoney Turret
Unladen Weight .Kgs .
Combat Weight 9,979 Kgs .
Length 5,080mm .
Width 2,440mm .
Height 2,030mm Hull ?mm Turret
Max. Speed >88 kph Open road
Cruise Speed . kph .
Range >.Kms Open road
Max. Vertical Step . mm .
Max. Trench . .
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round
Ballistic Protection . .
Ballistic Protection 9 kgs TNT Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Chrysler 360 CID V8 180 bhp/.Kw
Transmission Allison AT-540 4 Speed Automatic
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