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Timoney 8x8 AIFVMP
Infantry Fighting Vehicle - Mine Protected
An early artist's impression of the Timoney 8x8 AIFVMP
Copyright Timoney Technology Limited
CM-32 armed with a 12.7mm Machine Gun
CM-32 armed with a 25mm Canon (probably a Delco turret)
CM-32 armed with a 25mm Canon (probably a Delco turret)
Three CM-32 Prototypes
Three CM-32 Prototypes during Gradiant Testing
The 8x8 Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle is a further development of the 6x6 CM31 Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

It is reported in the Taipai Times the the AIFV has been chosen by the Taiwanesse military as it's next wheeled armoured fighting vehicle although no order has yet been placed.

It is proposed the the AIFV will be built under license in Taiwan with a full transfer of technology

Reports in Setember 2003, state that Taiwan is going ahead with it's decision to procure a locally developed and manufactured 8x8 IFV.

On January 11th, 2005, Taiwan officially named the 8x8 "Cloud Leopard" at a ceremony attended by Taiwan's President. It was confirmed that the CM-32 will commence production in 2007. it is expected that production will run to between 700 - 1400 units.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2+8 Driver and Commander/Gunner
Armament 25 mm Canon or M2 .50 MG Up to 120mm Gun or 120mm Mortar
Combat Weight 14,670Kg .
Length 6,350mm .
Width 2,700mm .
Height 2,230mm .
Max. Speed 120 kph Open road
Max. Speed in Water 8 kph Propellar Driven
Range 800Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step 1000 mm .
Max. Trench 2000 mm .
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round
Ballistic Protection 12.7 mm AP Frontal Arc
Ballistic Protection 12 kg TNT Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Caterpillar C12 410 bhp/306Kw
Transmission Allison HD4070(P) 7 Speed Automatic
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