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Panhard AML H60 CS/HB Armoured Car
Panhard AML H60 CS
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Panhard AML H60 HB
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Panhard AML 30 Rarden
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The Panhard AML 60 has been the backbone of the Cavalry Corps since 1964 when they first entered service. The original order for 16 vehicles was split, with 8 being delivered directly to the Irish Contingent serving in Cyprus and the other 8 to the Curragh.

The original vehicles were fitted with a 60mm CS Mortar and the later vehicles with a 60mm HB Mortar.

You will note from the photos that a number of efforts have been made to perpetuate the AML 60s, Diesel engines were fitted and different main armnaments tested, the AML 127 and AML 20 both have their own pages. However, other trials were made, a vehicle had a Creusot-Loire T25 Turret armed with a 25mm Bushmaster cannon, and this was tested in the Glen of Imaal on July 21st, 1986. A further vehicle was fitted with a Rarden 30mm armed turret, as fitted to the Scimitar CVR(T).
Vehicle Specification
Crew 3 Driver, Commander and Gunner
Armament 60 mm Mortar and 2 x 7.62mm GPMG 53 x 60 mm; 3,800x7.62 mm
Unladen Weight . Kgs .
Combat Weight 5,500 Kgs .
Length 3,790 mm Hull
Width 1,970 mm .
Height 2,070 mm Overall
Max. Speed 90 kph Open road
Max. Speed in Water . kph .
Cruise Speed . kph .
Range 600 Kms/800 Kms Petrol/Diesel on Open road
Max. Vertical Step 300mm .
Max. Trench 800mm with one channel
Armour 8 to 12 mm welded steel
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round
Ballistic Protection . .
Ballistic Protection . .
Engine Panhard Model 4HD air-cooled petrol engine 65 Kw/87bhp Peugot XD 3T liquid cooled Diesel engine 75 Kw/101 bhp
Transmission . Manual
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