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Panhard M3 VTT Armoured Personnel Carrier
Panhard M3 VTT
Copyright M. McNamara/Curragh Local History Group
The Panhard M3 VTT Armoured Personnel Carrier was built as a private venture and the first prototype was completed in 1969. This vehicle had square-cut sides and a production standard prototype, with 3 hatches on either side was completed in 1971 with first deliveries to the Defence Forces in 1972. The M3 shares some 95% of it's mechanical components with the AML series of armoured cars.

The M3 served mainly with Infantry Battalions, both in Ireland and with UNIFIL, in the Defence Forces, although the 4th Cavalry Sqdn. is known to have used some.

It is reported that some of the 61 M3s delivered to the DF were re-engined, though it is not clear if this was with a Peugeot 2.5l V6 Petrol engine or the Peugeot XD Diesel engine as re-fitted to the AMLs.

The M3s were "boarded" when the Piranhas arrived, though it is debateable why some of the better ones could not be converted as "Interim Light Tactical Vehicles", when it became obvious that the LTVs could not be acquired for some time.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 2+10 Driver, Commander and 10 Troops
Armament 2 x 7.62mm MGs In Creusot-Loire TL.21 Turret, many other options avaiable
Unladen Weight 5,300 Kg .
Combat Weight 6,100 Kg .
Length 4,450 mm Hull
Width 2,400 mm .
Height 2,480 mm Top of Turret, 2,000 mm Hull
Max. Speed 90 kph Open road
Max. Speed in Water . km/h .
Cruise Speed . km/h .
Max. Speed in Water 4 km/h .
Range 600 Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step 300mm .
Max. Trench 800mm with one channel
Armour 8 to 12 mm welded steel
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round
Ballistic Protection . .
Ballistic Protection . .
Engine Panhard 4 HD air-cooled petrol engine Kw/90 bhp
Transmission . Manual
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