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Alvis Scorpion CVR(T) 76mm
Two Scorpions in the GLEN of Imall
The Defence Forces operate a total of 14 Scorpions, with the first four being delivered in 1982. The Scorpions were purchased to replace the Churchill and Comet tanks, which had actually being retired some years earlier. The Scorpions were the first modern DF vehicles to wear a DPM scheme and it appears that they have been performing quite a bit of training with the new Piranhas presumably in an AGS/Light Tank role.

The Scorpion is actually a reconnaissance vehicles not a tank, hence the name "Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked)". It is lightly armed and armoured, however due to it's small size and high speed has proven itself an excellent reconnaissance platform. It was employed in a more offensive role, by the British Army, in the Falklands/Malvinas Islands war in 1982, where it proved it's worth in a more infantry support role, although the expected confrontation between it and the Argentinian AML 90s failed to materialise.

The BA have upgraded their Scorpions with a diesel engine and have replaced their turrets with turrets salvaged from scrapped Fox armoured cars mounting a 30 mm Rarden cannon and renaming the vehicle, the Sabre. It is thought that the DF are considering a diesel upgrade for the Scorpions, but if the Gun is to be replaced, it is more likely that a Cockerill Mk3M-A1 90 mm gun will be chosen. This weapon can fire a range of ammunition including APFSDS-T.
Vehicle Specification
Crew 3 Driver, Gunner and Commander
Armament 76 mm Gun + one 7.62 mm MG Co-Axial Up to 90mm Tank Gun
Unladen Weight .Kgs .
Combat Weight 8,073 Kg .
Length 4,794 mm .
Width 2,235 mm .
Height 2,102 mm ?mm Turret
Max. Speed 100 kph Open road
Cruise Speed . kph .
Range 644 Km Open road
Max. Vertical Step . .
Max. Trench . .
Ballistic Protection 7.62 mm AP All Round
Ballistic Protection . Frontal Arc
Ballistic Protection . Anywhere under the Vehicle
Engine Jaguar 4.2l Petrol 190 bhp/142 Kw
Transmission . Manual
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