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Who's That Doll?
A site devoted to the discovery and identification of miniature fashion dolls.
Have you ever bought a bunch of dolls, either at a doll show, flea market, on an auction site, or wherever, and found some half-sized Barbie-type dolls? Have you ever wondered, "Who the heck is THIS?"
Well, hopefully, this site will help you figure that out.
Bear with me, as I'm new to web-building, and progress here may be slow.
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December 10, 2008
The Beginning - The 1970's
The miniature fashion doll as we know it today was created in 1970 when Topper Toys produced the first Dawn dolls. Everything else that followed was made possible because of her. Palitoy in England produced Pippa; Mattel here in America made the RockFlowers, based on an actual bubblegum pop rock band; Mego created the Dizzy Girl. Dozens of toy companies produced their own version of the 6-1/2" fashion doll to capitalize on the popularity of Dawn. Though her impact was short-lived, she has left behind her a host of delightful dolls whose identities we may never know, but who are a part of thelong history of the miniature fashion doll.
Fashion World
Little Miss Dollikin
To see the fashions
click here.
Little Miss Dollikin
& Triki Miki
Topper Dawn Mego's
Dizzy Girl
Mattel RockFlower
Palitoy Pippa
More Clones
and Knock-Offs
Still More Clones and Knock-Offs
Clones and
The 1980's and 90's
Several toy companies in the 1980's and 1990's attempted to re-create the miniature fashion doll phenomenom with limited success. Mattel produced not only the Family Corners dolls, but Princess Tenko as well. JPI made a few attempts to bring the mini-dolls back with their Storybook Favorites and Freshlook Friends (not shown here), but were most successful with the Starr Modeling Agency line of dolls. In Japan, Takara broke away from Mattel and began to make their own version of Barbie, the Jenny doll, and her half-size companion, the Compact Dolls. And both Ban-Dai and Irwin Toys (of Canada) made a series of dolls in many sizes based on the popular "Sailor Moon" anime cartoon. But these attempts were sporadic and of limited success. Production soon ended for these dolls, and miniature fashion dolls were once again relegated to flea markets and doll shows.
Mattel Family Corners JPI Storybook Favorites
JPI Starr Dolls Princess Tenko Sailor Moon
Takara Compact Dolls
The Next Generation - the 21st Century
In 2000, Checkerboard Toys purchased the rights to reproduce Dawn dolls, and new life was breathed into the miniature fashion doll. Not only did they produce reproductions of the original four Dawn dolls, but they updated her look, gave her new friends and new fashions, and attempted to appeal to the new generation of little girls---girls whose mothers used to play with Dawn.
The problem was lack of commercial support and advertising. Checkerboard never had the deep pockets of other major toymakers, and the CB Dawn didn't last much longer than her predecessor.
Mattel knew the value of tie-ins, though, and created a line of miniature Barbies, all connected to the direct-to-VHS and -DVD movies in which she starred. Not to be out-done, Disney soon followed with their Princess line of dolls, based on all the Disney Princesses there have ever been. Sadly, for the miniature fashion doll, even these couldn't compete with the oh-so-hip-and-trendy (read: trashy) Bratz dolls. Why would the techno-smart girls of the 21st Century play with Princess dolls when they could play with the junior version of America's Next Top Model? So for now it looks as though once again, the miniature fashion doll will only be found at flea markets, dolls shows, and online auction sites.
I hope you find this site informative and that you will enjoy the eye candy. Most, but not all, of the dolls pictured here are in my private collection.
If you find any mistakes, misidentifications or if you see a photo here that belongs to you and you want it removed, please contact me at: [email protected]. Thank you!
Checkerboard Dawn
Mattel Mini-Kingdom
Disney Princess
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