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Mego's Dizzy Girl
The Dizzy Girl was Mego's response to the popularity of the Topper Dawn Dolls in the 1970's. Mego made many of the 8" tall action and super-hero figures that were popular at the time, but the 6-1/2" fashion doll was a lucrative side-track in the toy world at that time.

Dizzy Girl is a sweet departure from the glamour of Dawn, or the hauty look of some other clones being made at the same time. Dizzy Girl had a wide range of fashions made exclusively for her, and all the fashions were named. Most of the Dizzy Girls I have seen are either blondes or redheads. Her packaging has shown a brunette Dizzy Girl, but I have not yet been able to find one.

Dizzy Girl's body is of hollow plastic construction, with a twist waist, and jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Her hollow knees bend but don't hold a pose. There are no holes in her feet, so she would not be able to stand on the foot stands that always came with Dawn. Dizzy Girl's hair is rooted, and she has rooted eyelashes, like Dawn. Of the ones in my collection, I have noticed that the blonde's hair is incredibly soft, almost like mohair to the touch, while the redhead's hair is the more common synthetic doll hair.

Dizzy Girl's face is very distinctive. She has an open-mouthed smile, heavy blue eyeshadow and dimples in her cheeks. The same headmold that was used for Dizzy Girl was used for the "Bedknobs & Broomsticks" doll, Eglantine Price.
Dizzy Girl is marked on her back, "(C) MEGO (R) HONG KONG".
Eglantine Price
Blonde Dizzy Girl
Redhead Dizzy Girl
by Boney M.
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