Усе прыведзеныя дакумэнты знаходзяцца ў архіве БГЗуА

Belarusian organisations/projects in Australia

Belarusian Ass.in Victoria (addzel of BA in A. Member of Belarusian Association in Australia (from 1951 or 1953). Later - sector BCR..

Belarusian Association in Australia. Organised in Sydney by Klunitski in 1950. Restarted work (Zyj claimed, that from 1951) in 1973 by Michael Zuj..

Belarusian Association in New South Wales (Sydney). Founded in 1950 (1), after separation from Belarusian Association in Australia..

Belarusian Association in South Australia. Founded by Yanka Rollson in 1977. First President (Rollson) 1977- 1985 (up to 1987, because nobody could do this job). Second President - Mikola Koles (1988-1999). Third President: Viktor Kovalevski (1999-200present)..

Belarusian Association in Western Australia. Organised in 1958 in Perth. First President: Rajetski senior (1958). Second President: Rajetski junior (Mihas) - 1986..

Belarusian Central Committee. Founded in 1951 (1963) in Melbourne with task to unite Belarusians of Sydney and Melbourne. On one of the BCK meetings (1975) was proposed to create Federal Rada of Belarusians in Australia..

Belarusian Choir in Adelaide. Belarusian Church choir. Deregents: Michas Burnos, Wladimir Kolesnikowicz (till 2000)..

Belarusian Church in Adelaide. Foundation laid in 1961, finished and blessed in 1963. First priest - Szczurko, Michael, V. Rev.. Second priest (from 1968?) - Vasil Chechelis. From 1973 - George Denlich. From 1978 - Augen Sitnik. From 1987 - Michael Burnos..

Belarusian Church in Melbourne Bulleten: 'Nasha Tsarkva', (from 1950)..

Belarusian Church in Melbourne Cemetery. Block of land bought in 1968. Monument build in 1976..

Belarusian Church in Melbourne N1. Saint Polatsk Efrasinnya (from 1950). Father Hrutsuk Aleksandr..

Belarusian Church in Melbourne N1. Under Ukrainian jurisdiction. Church of saint Polatsk Efrasinnia. Priest - Alexandr Hritsuk..

Belarusian Church in Melbourne N2 (). Saint of Vilnya B.A.O.C..

Belarusian Club in Melbourne. Changed the name to Addzel of Bel. Association in Australia in 1951 (under Mr. Zuj)..

Belarusian Club in Sydney. Established in 1953, registered in 1973. Cancelled Fed. Rada membership in 1992..

Belarusian Community in Brisbane. Printed chasopis 'Luchnik'..

Belarusian Cooperative in Melbourne. Or Belarusian House Cooperative in Melbourne..

Belarusian Dance group 'Kalina'. Organised in late 50s in Melbourne. Known under name 'Svyatok'. Stop dance perfomance from 1985..

Belarusian Dance group 'Lyavonicha'. Founded by Michael Burnos in 1952. Not participated in Bel. Reunion N8 (1989)..

Belarusian Football Club 'Zubr'. Existed in Victoria (from 1950 - )..

Belarusian Historical Society in Australia. Registered in 1999 (Adelaide).

Belarusian House in Melbourne. Build in ?. Sold in 1997..

Belarusian House in Perth. No information about this club exists..

Belarusian House in Sydney. Founded in 1972..

Belarusian Independent Association in NSW (Sydney). Practically non-political Belarusian organisation, founded in 1970s. Mr. Dzyadula is the president of B.I.A in 1979..

Belarusian monument in Melbourne. In memory of known and unknown Belarusians. Belarusian cemetery in Melbourne..

Belarusian Monument in Sydney. Erected in 1977? to memorise immigrants, white-red-white flag inserted as Belarusian symbol..

Belarusian National Fund. Founded to help financially to send delegates to international conferences (WACL)..

Belarusian newspaper 'Ersh'. Addition to newspaper 'Na varte'. By Wl. Shnek in Melbourne, under BVF umbrella..

Belarusian newspaper 'Luchnik'. Printed by Belarusian Community in Brisbane..

Belarusian Parafi in Perth Cemetery. Parafi has own block of land in Karacata Perth cemetery..

Belarusian Radio Comitet in Sydney. Founded in 1976 (1978?) with one hour in one week (2EA). Under closer in 2003..

Belarusian Radio Program in Brisbane. Radiostation 4KQ, 1953..

Belarusian Radio program in Melbourne. On Radio Geelong, 1954. Up to 1978 on 3EA (or 3ZZ?) station..

Belarusian Radio Program in Perth. Work from 4.3.1984 on public station 6NR in Perth..

Belarusian Radioprogram in Adelaide. Organised in 1988?..

Belarusian Reunion N1. Melbourne, 1975. Guest: professor Adamovich from USA..

Belarusian Reunion N10..

Belarusian Reunion N11..

Belarusian Reunion N12,. Adelaide, 1997. 8 delegates. Made decision not to participate on 2-nd Conference of Belarusians in Minsk (Belarus)..

Belarusian Reunion N13. Melbourne, 2001..

Belarusian Reunion N2. Sydney, 1977. Federal Rada was founded..

Belarusian Reunion N3. Adelaide, 1979. The Federal Rada Statut is approved..

Belarusian Reunion N5. Sydney, 1982. 13 organisations participated..

Belarusian Reunion N6. Adelaide, 1985. 14 delegates. As a president was elected Augen Hrusza. Secretary - Wl. Sidlyarevitch. Vice President - Rollson. Auditory committee: Stankevich Kastus, Michael Burnos, Havenchik Yanka..

Belarusian Reunion N7. Melbourne, 1987. President of Fed. Rada: A. Hrusza. Secretary - Sidlayrevich..

Belarusian Reunion N8. Sydney, 1989. 12 delegates. New Komitet: President - Augen Hrusza, Secretary - Pavel Huz, Treasurer - Sidlyarevich Wladimir..

Belarusian Reunion N9. Adelaide, 1991.9 delegates..

Belarusian School in Melbourne. Existed from 1950s.

Belarusian School in Melbourne. Worked from 1955-?..

Belarusian Scouts in Melbourne. Group 'Wseslaw Charadey' organised in 1953 (Melbourne)..

Belarusian Scouts in Victoria. Organised by young Belarusian migrants in Australia (after 1950)..

Belarusian Veterans Association in Western Australia. Organised in 1951 in Perth. Closed in 1958.

Belarusian Women's Committee in Sydney.

Belarusian Women's Committee in Victoria. Founded in 1975 (Melbourne). President - Volga Slesarevich. Comitet resigned from membership in Fed. Rada in 1979..

Belaruski Vyzvolny Front. Founded in 1954(55) in Germany by Dzimitry Kasmovich. Based in Melbourne from 50s to 1976. After resignation of captain Bulawski, Mihas Sheko was the chief. From 1976 after death of Rozmysl, moved to Sydney. From 1983 - back to Melbourne.