Усе прыведзеныя дакумэнты знаходзяцца ў архіве БГЗуА

Іншыя беларускія арганізацыі ў Аўстраліі

Пад час палітычнай барацьбы ствараліся розныя арганізацыі. Шмат зь іх засталася толькі на паперы, але іншыя прайшлі выпрабаваньне часу.

Belarusian Independent Association in NSW (Sydney)
Practically non-political Belarusian organisation, founded in 1955 by Mr. Dzyadula (as the first president of B.I.A). Organisation did actively support the foundation of Belarusian Radio Program in Sydney. However after creation of Belarusian Club in Sydney all of its members joined the club.

Belarusian Women Committee in Victoria.
Founded in 1975 (Melbourne). President - Volga Slesarevich. Belarusian Women Committee in Sydney worked under umbrella of Belarusian Association in New South Wales. In Perth this organisation worked under Belarusian Association in Western Australia protection. Belarusians in Adelaide didn’t have such an organisation.

Belarusian Association in Victoria
Belarusian Association in Victoria – organised by Belarusians in Melbourne in 1951 and existed till 1963, ceased by an establishment of its successor - Belarusian Central Committee in Melbourne. Organisation has 5-10 members (Pavel Huz, Wladimir Sidlarewicz, Jurawlewicz, Rozmysl) and printed several issues of magazine ‘The New Life’. The organisation managed to create Belarusian School in Melbourne, prepared the grounds for Cooperative of Belarusian House in Melbourne, did organise the celebration of Belarusian National Day, Slutsk Uprising Day and 2nd Congress Day (pro-BCR celebration).

Belarusian Association in Western Australia
Organised in 1958 in Perth on the grounds of Belarusian Veterans Association in Western Australia.  The leaders: Michael Maroz, Michael Rajetski.

Belarusian Houses in Australia
Were build or purchased on cooperative grounds and served to its members as the social Belarusian centres. Belarusian House in Melbourne was bought in 1972 and sold in 1997. For more than 20 years this Belarusian Centre in Melbourne played a major role for local Belarusians as the main cultural, social and political hub. Smaller community in Perth did manage to create its own Belarusian Centre, however for a shorter time as well. Belarusians in Adelaide didn’t have the Belarusian House, however they used for its purpose the community hall.