Belarusians in Australia
info about after-WW2 migrants to Australia from Germany

A very short introduction to an Adelaide-based military historians org. They recreate some 'war battles' and spirit of camaraderie.

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Viktor Kovalevski activities consist of (or work on) collection, preparation for dissemination or dissemination of the presented in this webpage material for the purpose of making it available to the public and only to public. Viktor Kovalevski is not prepared this publication for private use of some individuals. Most of the materials having the character of related to life of Belarusian community in Australia in form of news, copies of organisation documents, information of public activity of Belarusian leaders and other related documents.

Author of this web publication does not take any responsibility for any included in this publication documents with so called ‘faulty’ information. Most of the supplied by Belarusian’s documents have been checked, but not all of them. Please understand that after 50 years living in Australia some people did do present some facts to author in a very different from an original point of view (for a number of reasons: time factor, personal priorities etc).
The translation from English into Belarusian is based on NAATI basic principals: the most important thing to translate is to translate the idea and not the word.
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