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Your resource for cheating at net gaming.

  This material pertains to Quake I and II and CTF/TF/QW
Cheats: godmode is the only mode.
Online and how to do it. Things you always wanted to know.
Files you will need to cheat at quake. Sorry no GL stuff yet.
Get more mileage out of your polygons.
More bots, pingbot, quakebot, and booger.
The mysterious patched stooge. How to operate it and make it your friend.
For CTF and other useful things-sorry nothing edible here.
Camping for fun and profit-why camping is relaxing and useful.
Security Hole in quake...old news but interesting.
For the vision impaired. Check out Black Ice's The Glow for TF.
LlamaDeath Leads the way for info on hiding one's ping.
Fear it. The Zbot is the LPB's bane.
Why use the same playing field to begin with?
  Other Games Cheating Info, Editors, etc.
Fire it up and cheat your pathetic heads off. Chocollama exclusive!
The LLamas get archaic...check out the latest editors, patches, and cheats.
ChocoLLama sheds some light, and files on Diablo cheating.
Let's face it there is a lot of evil out there. Pk'ing in Diablo and Ultima Online
Bend games to your own evil will.
From Llamas to bastages. Other people doing the cheating thing. Trade-a-link.
  Communication, Philosophy and FAQ's.
Sign the llama guestbook-go ahead communicate! We like to read- but mostly trash.
Frequently asked Questions, by all means not all inclusive.
Learn the LLama philosophy- see what makes us tick and what ticks us off.
Links to cool, useful, twisted and handy stuff. Learn how to buy a corpse!
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