The LLamas say: "Camping is Cool"

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Camping in Quake (Or any game)

     Camping is not only recreational butit helps your kill tally. The above exhibit shows the "Power of The Tent". When the odds are against you don't be afraid to pitch the tent and start rocking. If the above shot isn't enough to convince you then try these reasons. Rationalization can go a long way.


1. No effort required, thats right you can relax and let them come to you.

2. You can eat, smoke or do other activities between shots.

3. You have a superior topographical advantage.

4. They camp in real fighting scenarios. People who stop to whine- die.

5. Camping is a good way to monitor game flow in CTF.

6. Camping allows you to tag certain players "running patterns" .

7. If your ping is above 400 its about the only chance you have to take someone out.

8. Campers make good game communication coordinators.

9. You can sometimes see scenic vistas.

10. No need to wade in gore, it stays where it belongs- on the ground.

11. It irritates people.

12. In Capture The Flag there is no camping, it is called Defending. (D-E-F-E-N-D-I-N-G)

13. There is no written law against camping, so go ahead and do it.

14. Superior players do what it takes to win.

15. Inferior players do what it takes to whine.

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