The LLama Philosophy

The Wise LLama

     Lets cut to the chase and get right down to the LLama Philosophy. Why would any person, or clan for that matter, want to publicly distribute cheats, bots, and bugs? It flies against reason and it "ruins" the game they say. So hear our side of the story.

Clan LLama has been around for a long time-most of its players can trace their roots to the begining of Quake 1-those were the good old days. We know our name has since connotatively morphed into a slang word meaning the "Bottom of the Quake Community", the absolute worst in etiquette, honor and fairness. When you see the word LLama in reference to quake you know it means a true bastard (see this article in Planet Quake). So be it. We knew the Lancelot's of Quake would spread their filthy propaganda to thwart our cause. We also know its frequently the game purists who are playing off their job's T1 line while they are supposed to be doing something productive.

What The LLamas Believe In:

Offering a game platform that is fair to all. Until it is fair for all it will only be truly fun for a select few, usually those with the bandwidth. (Not to say that the game is not fun in its own right, just frustrating for those lacking the needed ingredient-bandwidth).

Offering a game without cheats. This is a hard one to accomplish. Look at what cheating did to Diablo, look at what it does to Quake I and Team Fortress. But our viewpoint remains that if there are cheats circulating then all should have access to them. If everyone has access to them and uses them the incidence of cheating eventually goes down. For example the Stooge Bot, sure its nifty, but its novelty wears off soon. If only a select few have the knowledge, then the knowledge is readily abused.

Bringing flaws and cheats into the public domain. Once people know about them, once developers are aware there is a real problem, these thing can be fixed.

Being a courteous and helpful player if at all possible. We also believe in taking action when warranted. Individuals have to use their own judgment.

We also believe that mechanisms should be built into the game to provide quality, wether it be weighted frags (high ping players getting more for a frag), or dedicated servers for LPBS and HPBs.

Helping new players, so they are not taken advantage of by the bastards who have been around for awhile.

Using the mouse in game play.

Complimenting players who are exceptional and who are doing it without the aid of a bot, cheat, superior connection or patch.

Camping. Call it sniping, call it long distance attack. In blood and war topographical superiority is important.

What The LLamas Don't Believe In:

Pinging down or disrupting a connection in the course of a game, this includes any DOS (Denial of Service) attack.

Flooding the message area with senseless garbage. The message area should be used to make true and poignant remarks about how worthless your opponent is, not wasted on repetitious foolishness.

LPBs. We hate em, we don't like them and we don't forsee this changing anytime soon.

LLamas Kill LPBs Dead

The Future

The fact is the LLamas grow every day. There are more and more players out there feed up with the inequality inherit in the system (Didn't someone in Monty Python say someting like that?). Our numbers would not be growing if there were not a large number of people out there unhappy with the way online gaming is going.

Perhaps when everyone has cable modem access, or T1s are as common as ATM machines, there will be no need for LLamas. Perhaps when the day comes that they release a game that is foolproof against cheating (I don't think this will happen) then the LLama will be cast to the wayside. But until then, until either or both of these things occur- The LLama is here to stay baby so get used to it.


-LLama Enochian

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