Black Ice's The Glow

team fortress cheaters

Team Fortress Hack for the Vision Impaired

     THE GLOW is a simple pak file that you put in your c:\quake\fortress directory, but it has drastic effects on your game. You can also check out Black Ice's Site for the latest updates (although he may retire from the project) Hats off to Black Ice, a true LLama!

Check out some of the lovely features:

The level 2 sentry gun glows in the dark

Nails now glow blue

Dispensers glow red

Scripts added: sniper zoom, rocket jump and auto-id

Glowing "neon" player skins

Glowing color-coded sentry guns

Glowing rotating detpacks

Glowing sniper crosshair

"Invisible" spies not invisible

What are you waiting for? Download The Glow [566KB]

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