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CHECK www.netcheats.com for our latest stuff.

Gamespy Site Download it. Fire it up. In only moments you'll find the best connections available for your fav MPOG. LLama uses it- so should you.

World of Game Hacking These guys are a great place to start for game hacking.

Id Software Of course a link to the makers of Quake. Even if they were lame in releasing Quake 2, which can't be near as bad as online play in UNREAL. Which I might add, online playability has steadily improved since its release date-perhaps some Unreal cheats are called for!

Hardnoise Productions yah know that prog. that makes the whacked looking quake names.


ICQ Hacking stuff. Protection files on this site to as well as icq servers. Don't let your clan get caught dead without it.

Really Random Sickness

Di Stefano Productions Build, buy or learn about a better corpse.

Dino's Page Dino has some good info for various nefarious deeds.

GFU Just go there and you'll understand.

DogButt A truly sick and special treat. Crack Baby Engine and more. Makes even the hardcore llama sick.

Germ Warfare Its cool.

McSpotlight Another big, fat oppressive corporation. Check it out.

Walmart Sucks.Com Same thing only about Walmart...another big, fat oppressive corporation.

Why Christians Suck -- and they do suck.

Does anyone have a macys.com sucks site yet? There needs to be one.


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