More Botz for the LLama in You

Auto Aim

     These bots do not work with TeamFortress or Quake World. Sure we all know there has to be other bots out there besides the hated stooge. Enter the the ping bot. This bot has the nice feature of allowing the player to mask his/her ping. Yeah imagine you can now be an LPB or at least look like one. And LPBs can disguise themselves as HPBs so people won't complain about your obvious joy of shooting fish in a barrel.

Pingbot [58 KB]


You can also try this quake bot out. Booger.exe. so far its not proved to be real effective but seems to have potential with some tweaking. With most of these bots you can always access the help but running execfile.exe -h Please don't ask us for technical support. We don't have time to answer all the requests- were too busy gaming, or something like that. [60 KB]


A Client-Side Auto/Proxy CTF/DeathMatch Quake Assistant. So what's next? This looks like a modified Loef / Terminator Bot. The author has included an extensive readme file on this cyborg so you should have no problem getting it running. Let us know your results with this one...oh yeah comes with its own .cfg file so use it, or at least read it so you can pass as vaguely human. Deadly- use with caution.

QuakeBot1.1 [82 KB]


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