Diablo Cheating

Diablo Cheats

     This trainer, designed by Raymond Tan (hope I got that right, Raymond), is one of, if not the best Diablo cheat programs available. Tired of getting town-killed? Punish the curs before they get you. Tired of players you can't kill? Become godly yourself (hey Jesus did it).

      This nifty little program will import .itm files to your character, increase your level, stats, and the list goes on. Click on the ‘hack' button to enable invulnerability, townkill, and unlimited gold, to name a few. Bottom line, if cheating on Battle.net has ruined the game for you, then ruin it for some other poor non-llama!!! Be sure to get the large collection of .itm files as well!

I have spoken,


Diablo Cheat Files

[Diablo trainer B5B1 (308.6 Kb)]

[1700 Item Collection (607.4 Kb)]

Notes on The ChocoLLama: once I was an upstanding Diablo player. Played by all the rules(yes shocking isn't it?) And got tired of being killed continually by other cheaters. Well, one day my outlook dimmed considerably, and I realized the power of the Dark Side. Since then I have had to satisfy myself with ruining it for others, as the game was flawed initially, and never should have had this prob (IMO) The rest, as they say, is history. All hail House Llama!

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