Hiding Your Ping

Hinding your Ping in Quake

     How to hide your ping just like the LPB's do. Download Hardnoise's Funky Quake Name Editor Version 2.0 and execute the program. And for the real newbies out there, yes this is one of the programs you can use to "make a name with all of those characters".

On the right side of the screen, you will see two white dots and a gold-orange bracket. Directly to the left side of the two white dots, there is what appears to be a blank space. In actuallity, this space is an invisible left arrow. This is what hides your ping. Just choose this "blank" as the first character in your name. Finish your name as you would like. Save into your ID1 directory (unless you run CTF or other mod-hence save it in the appropriate folder).

Once in quake, execute your name.scr file and your ping is gone!

This also alters what is displayed when you kill someone. Let's say your name is DeathMaker and you blast someone with a rocket. Instead of LLamafoe "riding DeathMaker's rocket", the display will be "DeathMaker's rocket". You can alter what is displayed by placing the invisible arrow before and after characters in your name. Just experiment with it. Good luck.

Can this be used to hide your IP? Will let you work on that one.

-LLama Death

Quake Name maker File

[Hardnoise's Funky Quake Name Editor Version 2.0 (54.61 Kb)]


Greets To Hardnoise on his excellent Name Maker you can get more info about it at his home site. Visit Hardnoise Productions.

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