ChocoLLama Update

Choco Endorses The Cheat Machine


CheatsI feel this is the Ultimate game cheating tool...let it bring out the lowly llama in you!

It has the biggest library of cheats, tips, patches, codes, hints and trainers for cheating on commercial or shareware games this llama has seen! Stop emailing us and get this app.

Discard your moral restrictions and fire this up!

Mechanics: Cheat Machine is a collection of cheats for various games, updated regularly. Either Cheat Machine explains how to cheat in a game (by showing which keys to press or actions to perform) or it does it automatically (by changing the game-files on your disk). And if everything else fails, it can create a program to cheat on the more obstinate games. Cheat Machine started a new genre of programs many years ago, and has since remained the largest library around. Check the numbers.


Features: Largest libraries (check out the real counts)

Native Windows 32 bit program

Build-in patcher pogram

Build-in support for trainers and other files

Configurable unpacker for program files

No-bullshit interface

Very fast search routines

Libraries in a special compressed format for optimal speed and size

Ability to add/change/remove cheats

Ability to share cheats with other llamas.

Plays any sound file on the background

Linkage: Download this motha now! Get some more NFO.


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