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    It goes without saying that you download and use these files at your own risk. We do not provide technical support, if you are to mentally impaired to install and run them you deserve to be killed. Use discretion. There really is no need to cheat if the game is fair. However if some lamer pulls a fast one, or some trash talking LPB starts telling you to 'get a connection' then do what it takes. (And tell him to get off his companies T1 and get back to work.)

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    Patched Stooge Bot That's right folks the famed stooge bot. This one does not respond to "No Bots Please" or "humans only please". This thing cn be deadly once you get it tuned and learn how to disguise bot like behavior. This is a rather old bot but you still see out there. [Download 126.4 KB]

    Stooge Configuration OK lets talk subterfuge. This config file lets you turn off the stooge, toggle other features, and set latency. Drop this file in your ID1 dir. To run drop to the tilda (~) quake menu and type:

exec sk.cfg


Thats all there is too it, hit F12 to access the clever stooge menu. Note: You can hold down the shift key, right click and choose 'save as' to download the .cfg file. [Download 232 bytes]

    BOT Instructions For those of you who might be lost with the stooge we have some nice instructions for you to follow. [Bot Instructions]

    The Glow Patch This one can really come in handy. Unzip this directory into your Quake directory. Run the glow patch as you would starting any game with a patch in Quake.

Example: q95 -game glow

This patch is nice (but does not work with GL quake, nor does the stooge for that matter), it changes the player model so that everyone "glows". See through walls, doors, and around corners. They will think your a bot when your not!

[Download 102.3 KB bytes]

LPBs suck

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