Player Killers: PK'ers

Kill Thine Own Diablo/Ultima Online

     Visualize this scenario. You have your two-liter of soda chilled, a bag full of WOW! brand chips (so you don't get too damn fat- and BTW WOW! chips don't seem to go stale even after several days of exposure to air. So don't worry about passing out at the keyboard.), and your favorite character- Jack Ravenger. Prepared for a long night of gaming you listen to the grim bark of the modem and within moments arrive at your favorite battlegrounds within Diablo or Ultima Online.

You send Jack Ravenger, your mid-level cleric, to a local chat area and start scoping out possible comrades to aid you in a quest for glory. Two goodly fellows approach. They introduce themselves as the DollyLlama, a priest in search of the Llama Messiah and Budgie, a fat and friendly mage. After a few tankards of Russel's Aqua Ale you figure these guys are ok and you decide to venture into the depths of a local cavern and grab some jewels.

Alas your judgement was poor. Upon entering the cavern Budgie conjures up a *large* fireball streams it in the general direction of your ass while the DollyLlama begins some strange chants. Within moments, Jack Ravenger lies steaming at your feet. A jelly-like mass of charred of armor and flesh. The two cannibals close in and help themselves to an ear. You have been victimized...canabalized...player killed-Pk-ed that is.

While the LLamas don't encourage player killing (unless their elves), we don't have any soap box to get on either. Some of us have done the deed with a great deal of satisfaction- others have little stomach for it. Either way, whether you kill or not, you need to know about it and be prepared to defend yourself. Find below our choice list of places to get started if you want to join the dark side and start killing your own.

Top LLama Picks

The Player-Killer Head Quarters:PK-HQ- stories, bugs, exploits,voting and more. Focuses on Ultima Online but has info on other systems. If you want a place to find other people as evil as you start here. We go here just to read the pathetic stories and laugh.

The Joy of Villany: Just that. Their sole purpose is to promote evil and crime in Ultima Online.

The UO Shack: Lots of files and utilities here.

Ronald McDonald's Site: This guy is a real killer, a murderer, one of the most succesfull PK'ers out there (and with a sense of humor no less). Remember don't reinvent the wheel, copy and perfect.

The Guardians of Virtue: Like the knights of old, theyvalue chivalry and virtue above all else. A great place to start looking for challenging people to kill. Newbies aren't much fun anyway.

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