The Official Clan Llama FAQ

1. Just WHO is Clan LLama

Clan LLama is a group of bastages dedicatd to bringing cheating into the spotlight.

2. How do I join?

Most don't. It's a private house. But we do have affiliations and alliances.

3. How do I join the Inner Circle of The LLama?

The Inner Circle is just that-Inner. If the founding LLamas feel you are the material they will contact you.

4. What benefits do I get for supporting LLama?
Being in a clan that many people hate. Cool patches and the handy bot technology all readily available.
5. Does LLama cheat?

Yes at times. Only if we feel that hapless ones are being taken advantage of. We are the shield for newbies, high-ping bastards, and other various game misfits. We do not run server side cheats, but that is only because we don't have our own server. If we did, we probably would.

6. Is Clan LLama a religion?

Perhaps. There are no known Llama Messiah's but we are searching.

7. Can I get the patches without joining?

Yeah we don't give a crap if you do or don't.

8. How do I earn LLama stars?
Stars are how we honor those that have gone beyond the call of duty. Killing cheaters, defending hapless newbies, and contribing patches are a good way to get your stars.
9. Is Clan LLama fun?

No...its a pain but someone has to do it. Were hated, but we bear it with dignity.

10. Do LLamas use balls?

Yes. Always.

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