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    Our hooves are up to all the other fine cheaters out there. Its important we all stick together. Cheating is not a passing fad, or a temporary trend, its an age-old process from the beginning of time. We all try to cheat at one time or the other: cheating taxes, cheating husbands, cheating death, cheating rats....the list goes on. Cheating is a way of life for many of us. We realize integrity has its place- and we know we can't cover all the great cheats and stuff out there. There are just too many other dedicated llamas and bastages working night and day to get the job done.

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    Hardcore Cheating Bastages: Our hats off to these people. Yeah LLamas were hats.

Wazige's Gaming Paradise :Wazige has lots of groovy stuff on his site: Cheats, Walktroughs, Patches, Reviews, Demos, UHS Files, Cheattools and more for the newests PC-games. He is a one man llama....so to speak. Check it!

The Cheat Machine: We don't endorse often, but this app gets the llamaforce+ stamp.

E-Fridge: Checkit- Cheats and Mods.

    Trade-A-Link Sure we would be glad to. This is our new LLama service. Send us your link via email [email protected], we verify you have linked to us and we will add you. Even if your a lamer or a cheater hater. We love you all. Please allow a week for the link to propogate.


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