CTF- ChocoLLama Speaks


    CTF, or Capture the Flag, is a Quake patch that transforms the mindless mayhem of "every man for himself" deathmatch Quake, to "I'm on the (red/blue) team and I have a goal" organized mayhem. (After all, there's nothing wrong with a little mayhem-used constructively, of course!) In effect, you cooperate( yes, I said cooperate) with your teammates in an effort to capture the opposing team's flag to bring greater glory to the team. This may be difficult to grasp initially, if you are used to death-matches, because, generally, cooperation gets you killed. But I assure you, you will not win with an " I, me, my" attitude-there is no I or me in team.


    The key to playing successful CTF is organization. We know that this is a foreign word to most Quake playing in general, however it is vital to CTF. This is the reason most Quake CTF Clans, and Clans in general, excel at Quake. The work as a unit, each with a clearly defined role. Now, I'm not plugging Clans, or anything, just pointing out that they are successful because they work well together. ( A low ping time doesn't hurt either!) The moral of this story is that, unless you and your teammates work well together, failure will result, and you know the price for failure.

Learn Your Role

    Every team has positions for their players, and CTF is no different. All positions must complement one another and back each other up, to achieve optimum performance. Position designations are: Defense, Offense, and Utility.


    These are the base guards. Their role is to gib, puncture, or shaft all opposing team members that infiltrate the base, preferably prior to their obtaining your flag. Failing this, don't let that S.O.B. leave alive with it!!!!! Your weapon of choice will probably be the rocket launcher, or grenade launcher. If the grappling hook is available, hook up to a nice vantage point and blast your opponents into steaming giblets! Be warned, however, that quality players will remember where you are hiding and likely come back to kick your ass. So, after a few kills, I recommend finding a new hiding place.


    These are your hotshot, gung-ho, run-n-gun, rocket jockeys. Their sole responsibility is to penetrate into the opposing team's base, take their flag, and haul-ass back to your base with it. Now, invariably, several baddies along the way will try to exterminate your flag carrier. DO NOT let this happen! You cannot win without capturing the flag. If you are on offense, but do not have the flag, protect your flag carrier! Do not stand around waiting for the flag to respawn-follow your carrier back to base. If an opposing team member is about to turn your flag carrier into a fine, red mist with his trusty rocket launcher, step in and take the hit. (Cooperation, remember?) Do whatever is necessary to insure that the flag reaches your base safely.

    Your the flag carrier, you say? Well then it's simple-run, swim, fight, and grapple your way back to your base as quickly as possible. If your flag happens to be MIA, or your base is overrun, find a nice dark hidey-hole until the smoke clears. I know this doesn't sound too heroic, but the name of the game is Capture the Flag-not Die a Spectacular Death.(Lots of people are good at that one!)


    Utility players are your sweepers/cleaners. They have the widest latitude in aspect to their role. They can fall back and assist in base defense, if the opposing team is making an offensive push, or they can go on flag runs with offense to cover and suppress base defenders. As an alternative, they can simply roam the level, from base to base, retiring enemy units(yes, scragging opposing team-members). Another vital role of the indispensible utility player is that of supply/restock. While your out, cruising the levels, and you rack up a nice cache or rockets, take them back to your defenders. Impulse 20 generally lets you drop your current weapon, and impulse 21 lets you drop a backpack of the selected ammo.(These options may not be available on all servers.) Your defenders do not, generally, have the opportunity to replenish their rocket supply. You bring them 20 or 30 rockets and they will be eternally grateful.

LLama Tips

Bind a key to "messagemode2". This will let you communicate with your teammates, without the other team listening in.

Offense     Don't make a run on the enemy base if you have lots of weapons and ammo. (Especially rockets/launchers) Do not take the opposing team's defenders any weapons they will use against you later. Instead, give them to your defenders, or utility guys. They may save your life with it!

Defenders     If you should happen to screw up and let that bastard escape with the flag, don't chase him far-you will be leaving your base undefended. If you have backup, and you know the base will not be overrun, you may opt to pursue and punish the transgressor.

Utility     While you are out "cleaning house", try to pay attention to on-screen messages. If you see that your flag has been taken-head towards your base. The perpetrator will most likely have to come your way and you can punish him for his trangression. If your server supports it you can pummel him with balls and watch the giblets fly. Enlightened Now? Let's go back To the Main Index

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