Cheating at Quake- How Clan LLama does it

Cheating At Quake ONLINE


     First things first. Before we even bring to you some lovely cheats there are a couple of things that we must get out into the open. First of all why dispense this information? Simple. To many jerks out there have it allready...Quake 2 is out and we have no qualms about giving out info on an old game...even though its still popular because ID Software was too foolish to make online playability their primary thrust (They are doing it now and making a big deal of it as if they were being innovative-- sooner or later game companies will learn that players want playability online, if they want a single player experience they have their hand).

     Second. Do not bother whining or complaining to us. We do not care, we will not listen. We will continue to offer cheat patches as we get them...and no we are not offering all in our arsenal, like the health patch, just some good stuff to get you started.

     Lastly...if someone punishes you for cheating or using these underhanded tactics do not blame us. Cheating and getting caught is really bad. So if you get landed or boinked out of existence thats your problem...A cheater should always make sure he/she is running the latest OS patches out there. A Nuke Nabber and an ICMP flood catcher are useful too.

     This first bit of strategy really is not a cheat, but more a way to monitor your opponents and cut off their communication during the game. Almost every clan uses a chat program to communicate during the game, and before and after the game. Most clans use ICQ (we should know we were one of the first). Now there are several files out there that will...interrupt or monitor their ICQ service. You can get the Attack Files and make sure you have the Protection Files as well. We aren't recommending any kind of Denial of Service attack, that is illegal, just be aware that punks out there will try to do it- beware.

     Has some lamer challenged you to a deathmatch? If he/she is dumb enough to come to your game then try this little string at the command prompt:
+set cheats 1

     An interesting article: Playing With A Stacked Deck May 23, 1998 — by Twitch Client-Side Proxies, hacks and cheats in deathmatch. How big a problem are they, and what can we do about it?

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