Files To Cheat At Quake

BOT Instructions WIN95 Quake

    Allright here are the instructions for using the stooge bot. Enjoy the carnage.


  1. Start a DOS session from Windows
  2. Go to Quake directory
  3. TYPE the following
    where xxx... is the server you want to connect to
    Example stooge
  4. Now Run Quake
  5. Hit tilda Key looks like this--- ~
  6. TYPE the following exactly:
         connect localhost
  7. You may have to try this several times...sometimes 10-15 times.
  8. If stooge does not connect after a while then you can try alternate with port number.
  9. TYPE the following:
    Where xxx is your server number or IP address for the server.
  10. You should now be connected and in bot mode.
  11. To get your config menu, ensure that sk.cfg is in ID1
  12. access menu with this at the quake prompt.
         exec stoogk.cfg

We hope you find these instructions enlightening.

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