Welcome to my site, It is currently under major construction, as im updating all the pages and restructuring the whole site! its gona be a job and a half, but stick with me, itl hopefully be done soon! :)

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So what is it all about?

How do you "become" Wiccan?

The Wiccan Rede

The Four Quarters

Moon Magick

Candle Magick

Black - Blue - Brown - Gold - Green - Orange

Pink - Purple - Red - Silver - White - Yellow

Herb Magick

herbsAE - herbsFJ - herbsKO - herbsPT - herbsUZ

What is divination?


Major Arcana - Minor Arcana

Cups - Wands - Swords - Pentacles

Different Tarot Spreads
A Tarot Love Spell
A Free Tarot Reading


Ouija Boards in detail

Magick 8 Ball!!


A mirror scry

Tea Leaf Reading with online Readings

Astrology with an online astrology compatibility reader



Binding Spell


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