Divination is the art of foretelling the future, finding objects and/or people.Divination techniques can be performed by all sorts of people, not just witches. In some civilizations throughout history, divination has been performed only by special classes of priests and/or priestesses, who were trained in the methods and interpretaions.

Since the earliest of time humans have looked to supernatural sources for help and advice in personal affairs and such. The early Egyptians and the Druids relied on dreams and scrying, the Hebrews also used scrying and the Greeks relied on oracles, usually priestesses who went into trances and became mouthpieces for deities. Divination is both an art and a skill, a person's ability in these matters depend on their natural psychic gifts as well regular practice. For some people, divination comes quite easily, while others must work harder and longer to attune their psychic abilities. A lot of witches feel the best time to divine is between midnight and dawn, when the psychic cureents are supposed to be at their strongest.

Here are some of the more common types of divination practised by witches today

Runes - Tarot - Scrying

Below you will find some other different types of divination, including the above methods ive mentioned, and a brief description about them. This is not a full list by no means but it is a start. If you have any more information about these divination types or any other divination type not listed here, please email me and I'll post it.

Alectromancy is the art of writing the letters of the alphabet around a circle, placing a grain of wheat on each letter then noting the order in which a cock eats the wheat.

Astrology is the art of studying a persons destiny and future according to the placement of the planets, sun and moon at the time of their birth, and from the place of their birth. This allows an analysis of their personality as well as predicting the short-term future for them. Astrology is studies everywhere and can be a rather complex science. It can be far more attuned to a specific need when seriously performed, rather than the daily forecasts you find in the newspaper.

Auramancy is the art and practice of divination by the aura (human or animal). This is a popular practice among many modern day Witches or Wiccans. The aura is a coloured light produced by the heat and electromagnetic energy that emanates from the bodies of all living things; a psychic field of energy surrounding both animate and inanimate bodies. Except to those who possess psychic sensitivity, the aura is normally invisible to the naked eye. But you can learn to read auras.

Austromancy is the art of testing the direction of the wind for clues about the future. This works by the attributions of qualities to the directions. This form of divination is closely related to the art of weather control.

Belomancy is the form of divination where arrows are used to predict the outcome of a certain event. For example if the arrow hits the mark, the event will be a positive one which will bring good fortune and happiness to the questioner.

Bibliomancy is the art of randomly selecting passages or paragraphs from books in order to tell the future. The Bible is one of the most common books used in this form of divination.

Botanomancy is the method of divination by which the future is told by using the life-cycle of plants, taking it as a good or bad omen, or by using the properties of herbs, oils and flower essences to bring about a state of psychic awareness.

Capnomancy is the form of divination using the images from the smoke of ritual fires. It is sometimes aided by throwing handfuls of magickal herbs onto the fire.

This form of divination contains both those who foretell the future from ordinary playing cards, which were developed from tarot cards, and people who use tarot cards. The tarot deck is said to hold the secrets of Hebrew, Druidic, Egyptian and Indian magick. The earliest tarot packs were Chinese and Korean and the earliest European packs were recorded in the 13th century.

Ceromancy is the art of studying the shapes formed when molten wax is dropped into cool water.

Clairvoyance basically means second sight - clear view. It is a form of divination where the diviner has a clear image, like a scene in a film, in which events of the future are revealed to the seer.

This form of divination uses an instrument called diving rods. These diving rods are used to locate bodies of water and sometimes are used over objects meaningful to the individual to assess the outcome of the future.

Dreams have long been thought to contain fragments of the future, and thousands of books and years of study have been devoted to attempting to understand them. The best interpreter of dreams is the dreamer themselves, for within ourselves and our subconscious we hold the key to unlock the hidden meanings of our dreams. It is recommended to keep a dream diary to get intimate with your dreams, doing this can lead to a greater understanding of the self and the dreams.

Geomancy is the art of observing the patterns made by scattering objects such as stones on the ground or observing points of the earth.

Hydromancy is noting the flow of water by, for example, dipping a ring attached to a string into water; or observing the patterns of tea leaves that have settles in cups.

I Ching
I Ching is the revered art of divination which is also a complete philosophical system which can take a lifetime to master. It is based on the Yin and Yang principles and can be very difficult to learn. A great deal of study is recommended before trying this divination technique.

Lampodomancy is the divination method where the direction of a flame from a candle, torch or fire can point the diviner in their future direction.

Necromancy is the art of receiving message from the souls of the dead. Ouija boards are most commonly used for this. This art reached its highest point during the spiritualist movement, led by Madame Blavatsky.

Numerology is the divination system using numbers to divine the future and interpret a persons personality based on the numbers in their name, birthdate, birth time etc.

Palmistry is the art of reading the lines of the hand. The art of palm reading relies heavily on the diviner knowing the way in which to decode the meaning of each hand.

With this form of divination, the diviner uses an item belonging to the person they wish to know more about. The messages the diviner sees when handling the object may be in the form of visions, voices and/or sensations, this all depends on the talent of the seer.

Pyromancy is the art of seeing shapes and visions within a fire for divinatory reasons.

Reading runes is the interpreting of random letters of the early alphabets of gothic tribes of northern Europe. There are many different type of runic alphabets, the most common being the Norse runes.

Scrying is the divination method where the seer uses a crystal ball usually to divine destiny. The tradition of using a crystal ball comes from the Gypsies but other things like a mirror, fire or water may be used.

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