A form of divination in which one gazes into a luminous reflective surface. There are several ways to scrye:

1. MIRRORS,in the dark (my favorite method)
Use black mirrors if you can, they work the best with a black candle.

(I came across RavenWood Coven's site, *Check it out* which has cost effective details on how to make a Black Scrying mirror yourself)

Large piece of crystal such as a crystal ball and a black candle, in the dark Jet is a good stone to use if you don`t have crystal. Nostradamus used to scrye his information from a piece of tourmaline crystal. In ancient Mexico, flat pieces of obsidian were used to scrye and during the Renaissance beryl spheres were used. Certain cultures use rum poured over the stones or mirror as an offering before it is used. The most famous scryer was probably Edward Kelly, a professional scryer who was hired and worked for Dr.John Dee.

3. A DARK BOWL or a small CAULDRON FILLED WITH WATER and a black candle, in the dark

4. FIRE! such as candles, campfire etc

All these forms of scrying have one thing in common, the use of symbolism. The stones, the mirror, the water itself symbolizes the watery world of psychism, of water which is a psychic intuitive element. The object of scrying is to use one of these methods to help you make contact with your psychic mind and communicate with it and your conscious awareness. Don`t expect to see a movie of upcoming events in the mirror or stone because it wont happen, that is movie drama nonsense. Instead you will hear words or phrases in your mind and then your mind will produce symbolic images. The most that you will see gazing are wispy smokes and bits of reflection. The real magick is within you and you have to listen to yourself. When you do see and hear these images try to find out how they relate to the question you have in mind. Since you are working with your subconscious mind there will be symbols and it is up to you to determine what these symbols mean to you. It is also good to where silver jewelry when scrying since silver influences psychic awareness. I always wear silver so I don`t have to bother remembering to do this. I also have a large chunk of clear crystal on a silver chain. I would never part with this. You can also try wearing silver at night and a crystal under your pillow to encourage prophetic dreams.

~*Care: Wash your mirror or stone in warm water and use the full moon`s light to purify it ( never sunlight) and keep it wrapped away in a soft black cloth. Some people rub fresh mugwort on their stones before using*~

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