Candle Magick

Candles have a special ability to make wishes come true, because they help clarify your heart's desire and allow you to focus and have been used for centuries for magick and rituals.They invoke the divine and create a sense of ceremony.
They represent the power of light, knowledge and spiritual illumination. Candles used in magickal rituals need to burn down, even if it takes all night. But sometimes this is not necessary, it is all up to you really.

Incidentally, candles should be lit with matches, because they are made from the natural element of wood, rather than with a lighter, which contains petrol pollutants.

The candles you use for any type of magickal use should be virgin, that is unused. There is a very good reason for not using anything but virgin materials in magick. Vibrations picked up by second hand materials or equipment may disturb your workings and take away their full potential of effectiveness.

You can use any kind of candle that appeals to you. White is always a good choice, but you may want to choose ones whose colors correspond to specific energies. (click on a colour to link to more details on it)
Colour contains an important part of magick making and each colour has its own magickal meaning. Many other ancient cultures also associated colour with energy, as colour effects our moods and feelings. Colour can stimulate the power within. Using coloured candles and oils aid in enhancing the overall effect of the magick ritual.

Red: passion, strength, health, vigor, courage, energy

Blue: calmness, health, tranquility, wisdom, creativity, patience

Green: finance, prosperity, fertility, luck, growth, physical healing

Yellow: attraction, persuasion, divination, intelligence

Pink: friendship, honor, love, morality, peace, nurturing

Orange: success, attraction, justice, ambition

Purple: spiritual power, psychic ability, ambition, third eye, serious physical healing, power

Black: protection, repelling, binding, absorption

White: purity, sincerity, protection

Silver: divination, astral protection, Goddess

Brown:Brown is an earthly balanced colour that is good for rituals for material increase. It can influence friendships, eliminate indecisiveness and improves the powers of concentration. It can also help to locate lost objects.

Gold:Gold is beneficial in rituals to gain fast money or luck and rituals needing solar energy. It is a happy playful colour that fosters understanding and attracts the powers of the cosmic.

When is the best time for different outcomes of magick?

If you want to gain something (friendship, money, job, intelligence) do your magick during the WAXING MOON (when the moon is getting full)

If you want to lose something (bad habits, negative energy) do your magick during the WANING MOON (when the moon is getting small)

The FULL MOON is a good time for magick of all kinds, for the full moon brings great power to all magick.

The NEW MOON is useful for starting new ventures.


For more on the magickal moon please visit my Magickal Moon Page via the link at the *bottom of this page*

How shall i prepare for a spell using candle magick?

The Following questions will help you to create a successful candle doesnt have to be followed exactly, but this can help your spell get more centered on the intention of it.


Burning Time:







VISUALIZATIONS: Where will the candle be placed during the spell??


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