Candle Magick- purple

Justice, royalty, the psychic, meditation, idealism, mysticism, guidance, divination.

Personality: Proud, independent, mystical arts, religious nature.

Magickal uses: Protection, power, spirit contact, breaking of bad luck, drive away evil, divination, spiritual and psychic powers, Astral Projection. This color is good to use when you don`t have a white candle.



CHAKRA= Brow Chakra

PLANET = Jupiter

DAY = Thursday


MAGICKAL TOOL = Wand ,Cauldron

SCENT/OIL = Cedar, Carnation, Nutmeg Lotus, Angelica, Bay, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sandalwood, Jasmine.

PLANT/HERB = Mimosa, Wisteria, Mugwort Hazel, Eyebright, Rowan, Elder, Rue, Shamrock, Clover, Oak, Dandelion, Betony, Meadowsweet, Begonia, Cactus, Dahlia, Iris, Violet.

WOOD= Willow, Lilac, and Mulberry.

ANIMAL = Elephant, Unicorn, Rabbit, Jaguar, Chickadee, Cuckoo, Eagle, Elk, Penguin, Vulture, Grasshopper, Chameleon, Lizard.

FEATHER = Spirituality, religion

STONES = Amethyst, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli and Beryl, Clear Quartz, All Opals, .

TAROT = The Chariot ,Fours.

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